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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Whoops, I Deed Eed Again...

How can I reseest, I as' you: how, how? Como??? I ged arn the chair, poosh Netfleex frarm the table, eed floats down sarftly, I catch eed een my paws, an'....reep. Reeeeep. REEEEEEEP!


An' one minute lader I ged breakfas'.

So easy to train.

So, thees ees thees ebeneen'.

Whad are you doeen'? she asks.

Seetteen', I say.

You are arn my clean-washed crochet [que?] dress whad ees dryeen' een the warma air, ged orf!

No. I say. Eed feels goo'. I yam stayeen.

The En'.

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