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Monday, August 20, 2007

Nex' Eenstallmen', Meeami: hab patience, ees larng story

Sent: 08 March 2001 18:55

Deear Beeg Blue

So. Yes, I have couple theengs to say. Yesterday, I went to the new ved. The one whad we say is alcoholeec...He is yos’ 4 meenutes’ walk orp the deengy arfice. Bod we go een, and ees new guy ad reception.Look like relative of charped hog ved: he also gard larng hairs wheech are grey, bod bald shinee spart arn tarp. And he wear eareen’ een one ear. He bery helpful an’ say airline no like aneemal arn plane so they make eed berbery deefeecult por aneemal. They scared frarm law suits. Thees ees America.

He take me and my Meesers to bag room and put cage arn table. In meantime I yam sayeen’ theen’s wheech are not so polide, and also I yam cold from being ou'side arn blordee Fladbush Abenue weeth the weend blowing een my face. So now I yam in smelly ved room and I no wan’ come oud ob cage. I yos’ seed and the new ved yos’ waid. Then he say, He nard so happy to be here, and my meesers say, No, he nard: he no like order wooman-ved - was bad esperience... So they waid beet longer an’ then they teep cage orpside-down bod I braise all feed an stay soccessful inside. Then ved say, He no come out, and my Meesers say, No, and she reach een and pull an’ I braise an’ she pull and finally I give orp an’ come oud looking depress’ weeth all hairs steeckeen’ orp. Also I lost my boice an’ can only say, Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ved poghe me eberywhere an’ say, Thees beeg cad. Blordee rarcket scienteest. Bod I’m only orpset from ved-esperience and he nard so bad...So rarcket scienteest take me and put me on scale and say, He weigh 18 lbs.. What the hell? Eef 18 lbs whad was I before?? Meesers has nogood blordee scale wheech say I hab 16 lbs. She also esplain aboud medeeceene in food an’ ved say I should have thees food every few months to avoid exrays, etc. So he clean one ear (wheech order ved say infected, and give espensive peels) an’ he do tesd een bag an’ say ees nartheen’, ees yos’ wags. So. No blordee peels. Order blordy lady ved frarm Stanford Uniberseedy blordy reepoff.

So we go back to waideen’ room an’ waid por certeeficade wheech say these aneemal ees healthy, and original charped hog ved arribe an' berbery friendly an’ say, Should we start file on thees black cad Estorbo? An’ my meesers say, Yes, an’ he say I lighe woman who make orp mind queeck. So, we have new veds. Heepees, I theenk.


  1. estorbo - the clustermap, why does it end at australia? if you have fans in new zealand would you know??

  2. estorbo we love the installments, we learning about our brother's life. vets - we also no like. me huwi, had broken leg when 6 months old, also carried up the road in the january cold to the vet, we not like to think of that. xx t and h

  3. Hey, New Zealan' ees there, dudes. Loogh righ'dob Ozzie...

    Bod someone es readeen' een Caspian Sea!!!