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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dios Mio

I yam baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! Madre! Whad ees wrarng weeth the Wooman, man! I habn't been able to ged close' the compudair por a weeegh! WTF??? She seets, seets, tybhes, laughs, cries. She ees seeck! She need some grass an' catneep.

So I lefd the apar'men' and hab been playeen' arn my rooftarps.

Friday nighd I sed a new recor'! Four carckaroaches!!! I ron eenside, the Wooman, say, Estorbo, whad ees een your mouth?? I say, Mhhwhahmmmmhgh (ees deefeecol' to talgh weeth legs weegleen' een your mouth).

I know whad comes nex': when I poot the carckaroach careful arn eed's bagh so eed can't ron away, to show hor whad a GOO' CAD I yam, she weell go SMACK weeth the beeg book and no more carckaroach. So I hab new plan:


Cronch, cronch. Deleecious. Lighe shreemp.

She nearly die. Heheheheh. She cry, Estorbo, where do you ged them?? I loogh ad hor lighe, You theenk I'm gonna tell you? Forghed eed, Seester. I hab a stash. Ees mine, all mine. Catch your own.

Thees ees Trebor. My Gard, yos loogh ad his biew, man. Thees ees een Cape Town, he tell me, een Kalk Bay...Some cads hab eed lorcky...I woul' lighe to beeseet an' catch feesh weeth you.

The bes': breakfas' time. My shartglass ob pelleds. Cronchy, deleecious, golden, dayeen, dayoud pelleds.

Yesserday was cool so I coul' seet ou'side weethoud fryeen' my brain.

I promise' H-H-Huwi an' Trebor some more heestory. They wanna know abou' the Mexican. I tole' them I doan' talkabou' eed. I carm from a broken home, man. Bod I weel sorch through my heestorical correspondance weeth Beeg Blue an' see whad I can fine'. Watch thees spaze...An' yes, I yab peecture ob Beeg Blue, bod I mos geev to my Meesers to scan. Ees old. OK?



  1. we wait patiently for piktcha of big blue and for the unfolding story of brother estorbo's fasnating life. we also have piktcha for you which our missis must scan, is of us when little with our famly. maybe you will recognise you estorbo? we all about 6 weeks old and ...... with our mama, but we had 2 mamas so not sure who is who but you will see. the view is nice for looking but the fish is better delivered, fishing overated. bye XX

  2. those cockroaches - 4 is good record for one day huh? we definitely brothers. here spring is coming, hunting season. sleep all day, hunt all night, bring back plenty presents. frogs - rescued/taken away from me, so ungrateful for all hard work and wanting to bring: in tupperware box, then put in shower where i can't reech, then inna morning back into pupperware (thats plastic) and downstairs to garden. last summer, 40 frogs rescued, no princes (we not knowing what that is). moles: rescued/taken away from me. small field mice: rescued/taken away from
    me. rats: bad words, doors slam, i allowed to keep.