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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blood theecker than... agua sin Gas???*

I doan' know. Ad fors, no madder whad H-h-huwi an' Trebor een Cape Town say, I theenk, OK, so we loogh alighe, weeth same age (geeb or taghe)...But now I see again their brorders Lennie an' Sollie een Eenglan'...You are me! I am you! Maybe eed's true! I was keednabbed frarm Eenglan' an' taghen to a bodega arn the Lower Eas' Side. Who want to pay for DNA???

Lennie - please sen' HORIZoNTAL peecture ob you. Blogger ees forghed orp an' I cannard pose' bertical peectures een sidebar. See, I pose' Sollie again.


Why has no one asked frarm cad een Caymans? You scared frarm Ghosd?

The tidle: ees whad Lennie say.


  1. you are us, we are you, maybe all the meesers they club together for DNA? we wait for the drugs. XX

  2. you want us to ask! tell about cat from caymans??

  3. Sollie here....Lennie is making himself look muy lindo for the next horizontal photograph. His head has grown as big as Anne's ironing pile now he is quoted directly on your blog. Si! we get DNA to sort blood lines out once and for all. Looky-here we speak a bit of Spanish as well as looking alike. So we ask how come cats in England who have never seen the East Side and never been to anywhere that speak Spanish can have a smattering eh? Its got to be in the blood. Amor Mi Hermano Glamour Boy Lennie's picture will come soonx

  4. Madre de Dios I forget my manners! So involved am I in our family tree mystery I did not say THANK YOU for the spot on the blog. The Piccki of me on my roof. I think of you Estorbo on your roof when I am on mine.

  5. De nada, Sollie.I thought roop was dribeway...

    Led's ged quode for DNA...My Meesers knows forensic guy in Cape Town...Dabid Klatzow?

    No, Trebor an' H-h-huwi, I doan' wan' to tell you abou' cad frarm Caymans...I yos was curious no one was curious!

  6. we get the DNA quote OK?