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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Chegh eed oud, man!

I yab Email: yesyesyesyesyesyes! I mean Sisisisisisisisi!

Eed's over there arn the righd onder my peec.

Now whad the forgh: When I yam addeen' peecs to the sidebar they ge' stretched oud! They use'sue be fine! Now they ged stretched. You see the peec ob me sleepeen' een the snow? Stretcha! Chrees has same prarblem arn hees blarg.

Technologia. Sometimes I yave forr for brains an' cannard theenk. I theenk I need a nab.



  1. mmm, clean washing, is there anything nicer on which to lie? the very best is when its been freshly ironed. pale colours are good for black cats. white is purrfect. crochet - is that with nice little holes all over which fit the claws? the netflix envelopes - yor meesers have sticky tape? XX huwi

  2. estorbo we read about the storm an hurricane in brooklyn nyc - u ok?? u didn't get blown off the roof? yr concerned brothers XX

  3. Clarence & CuthbertAugust 9, 2007 at 10:49 AM

    Our friends Trevor and Huwi told us about the Brooklyn tornado. R U OK Don E? And is Meesers OK? Not very nice things tornados. We hope you still have a roof - and everything else besides.

  4. Estorbo and Meesers we asked Anne to check your blog and now hear you have had a tornado! We add our hopes to those of our Capetown and Devonion brothers/country cousins that you are all OK and the property is intact.

  5. Gracias commpadres, por your concerns.

    I was asleep. I yam intaghd. Lightneen' an' thonder do nard barder me. Only Poleesh carnstrarction workers...

    My Meesers wen' oud weethout hor forr (my gard yoomans loogh weird een their skeen), and clime' aroun' een the crazee rain to arnblarck drains what was flardeen'. I waited eenside an' gard some hart meelk.