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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Gart Meelk?

Eed ees Augus' my frien's...and you know whad thad means! Eed ees my borthday. I theenk. I nebber knew my morder. Or ees thad marthair? Hanyway. H-h-h-h-uwi, eef you are awaghe, an' Trebor weeth the Tail, eef you are my brorders, when ees your borthday, please? I yab nebber had a pardy. I nebber eben gard a feesh. Bod thees Augus', I ,we , weel be torneen eighd. Ocho 8. Do you ged pardy? Maybe icecream? Por my borthday I woul' lighe: a can ob Italian tuna. A tob ob Greek 100% fad "Fage" yoghurt. One golden mango. New Streeng. A feesh. A cashmere blanket. A pelled gon. A canary. A small frien'ly poossee what can maghe massage.

GUESS whad ees onder the onaaseptablee large an' heavy boogh??


  1. huwi (awake) and trevorAugust 2, 2007 at 12:30 PM

    no meelk but good news! estorbo - our birthdae is on saturdae, orgust 4th. this is xlent because yor meesers still has time to shop for all yor presents (we like yor list) and to get things reddy for yor PARTY an invite gests who will bring mor presents. now that you can tell her when is yor big day she will be so happi to be cooking for you that nice chickin recipe she wrote about on her blarg. we having party here sametime sametime. lists - hhhuwi: parmigiano cheese, big piece; pot of creem, big; butta, saltid, big; a fat pijin; lectric blankit. treva - nice ripe creemy avocado; new scracha scracha pad; organic chickin, roasted (whole one); nice carbord box for sleepin in; butta, saltid, big; fish but is not good for my itchy eksma so ok to have biltong insted. love to our lost but now found brother, 8 on satudae XX

  2. Whad ees beeltarng, please? I lighe your leests. Yes, cheese, I lighe bod I no ged. I ead? I doan' know...

  3. huwi (asleep) and trevorAugust 2, 2007 at 11:03 PM

    beeltong, mmm, estorbo you would like, is dried meat, nice an salty/spicy. maybe there is s'african shop in nyc? yor meesers she can cycle there to buy in time for birthday. also avocado for you to try (we in unforchunate position of having vegetarian meesers). So we HAVIN THE PARDEE???? you there, we here, big transatlantic, international celebration of 8 and finding lost brother? we invited clarence and cuthbert and our brothers lennie and sollie in kent. is rainin here, sjoe!

  4. huwi (asleep) and trevorAugust 3, 2007 at 12:21 AM

    estorbo, when birthdae an pardee over, we hangin out for you to ansa our questions X yor brothers

  5. Ola Estorbo me llamo Senor Lennie El Corazon de Leon and my Hermano is called Sollie Shy Boy. I will send our photos to celebrate our birthday. We are Huwi and Trevor's brothers for sure and now we have found you. Felicidades for your b'day manana from us in Kent.


    ps how do we send photos to you?