blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Cads are Sayeen'

Thees is me Estorbo frarm the Charbocks arn Courd Streed. I ordered a corp ob steamed meelk weeth notmeg an' am borroween' a labtarp. I had to loogh cude an' say Miaow? The wooman toogh hor labtarp to South Afreeca weeth hor so I yam depribed ob my only form ob communication weeth the world. My heets arn my blarg are goin' to go to sheed... Thanghs a lard.
Anyway, Beence, who ees a Hombre, has been more considerade an eben drew thees pathedeec' attemb ad displayeen' hees knowledge ob cads. Does he theenk he is fonny? Feesh? Dude, hab you been readeen' my blarg??? Do you KNOW the extend ob my bocabulary?
Si. I know he ees actuallee tryeen' to maghe the Wooman laugh. Ad my expense. Yos remember Boddee: I may hab the power een the future to maghe your libe oncomfortable, because you weel be storck weeth me.
Ok, The truth? Beence ees a preeedy good guy. Preedy good size, too. Lighe me. And he broughd me feesh. An' poolled streeng. An' made a Netflix rad por me.
Confession: I meess the Yoomans!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

efrican cet

this is me kehdi i am a bleck footed efrican cet dont lissen to my brutha he says we are asian tabbies i am not he might be dussent mattu what our papiss say i did not go to school i cant type ok and no punctuashun neitha i hate dogs especially small corgidogs that give me palpitashins and make me go to the vet

don estorbo told us we can blog here so we will but i dont know what to say he is a bit full of himself to have a whole blog but he is a new yorka and we hear they are noisy peeple i mean cats so i will be noisy too even tho i am small

the end

Friday, December 21, 2007

While Estorbo is deprived of a keyboard...

...the Wooman and Faraway Cats have been permitted to Guest Post:

Kudos to Estorbito's friend Tomcat at Read the NYTimes article (about deli cats who fight the rat scourge) that lists his blog.

other cets

my name is andre khamel. i was named after a french opposition attorni who worked on a case against my boss. my boss won. i live in constantia with my sista kehdi and white spook and wellington the maine coone (also known as that cat), with two small corgidogs and ben the big bleck barker. i am a heppi cet with no worries. my sista kehdi has worries. even though she is an asian tabbie like me she says she is a bleck footed efrican cet. she is jealous of the smalldogs who are new and cute. the boss and the big missus love the smalldogs. i love everybody. i am a noworri cet. i have a terrible voice that sounds like vultures.

i love prawns, man. i love them. here is the big missus letting me lick her prawn fingers. then i got two tails that i crunched up. yes, i sit on the table sometimes. you don't like it find another blog. estorbo says i can say anything here. actualli i am a polite cat and a pacifist. i am sorry if you don't like it.

but i will do it again.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happee Chreestmas

The Wooman is leabeen' me. Por a larng time. Paulo weel loogh after me. I lighe heem. Bod I weel be lonely.

One day the Wooman an' Beence an' me weel be a nu-cuclear familee.

(I hope Meester Boosh choghes arn a pretzel. Maybe thees time they weel nard be so qeeck weeth the Hindleeck Manoeuvre)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Eed's torf bein' me...

I hab to fighd dangerous streeng marnsters thad hide onder the kikois.

I hab to waid porebber to ged my torn ad the compudair... I ged blamed por meesterious shreddeen's ob paper.

Whad? I hab nebber seen thes paper een my libe. No, I deed nard do thad! Deed I heear you yelleen' ad me ad 3am? No, I hord nartheen', I was asleep. You threw a peellow agains' the door to maghe me starp? I tell you I was asleep!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I need a res'...

The Canadian has been exercising me so moch I needed to dreenk some nice fresh Brookleen water een the bath thees morneen', eben tho' I ged a corp meexed weeth my pelleds (por to make-a me pee como a racehorse).

I escabed eento the sonshine wheech lasted two minutes, to warm myself een a part...

Then she broughd me eenside an' tried to coddle me.

Rape! Help! Talk to the Claw!

Beence...we meess you.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

There EES a Gard....' hees name ees Beence:

I greed heem uparn arrible. He smeels como feesh. Thees ees a goo' sign.

He onpaghs sometheen', an' star' to prepare eed.

Oh. My. Gard.

Oh. My.Gard.

I yam een Heaben...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eet's neearly Chreestmas


Beence? You breengeen' por your blag, forry son, a geeft?



Deear Santa: por Chreestmas I woul' lighe:

feesh FEESH FEESH, an' feesh, feesh and some feesh and also some feesh an a leedle beet ob FEESH, feesh an feesh an' some feesh an' also feesh.


Friday, November 30, 2007

Squeerel patrol

Eef I keep my head low he woand see me..eet's the 9.45am squeerel, como clarckwork...

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cads from the Boland

The Patriot Streed Gang:

[Frarm Oncle Reg een Paarl:] Ginger, our street-wise traffic warden, Rube our somewhat "thick" cat and Rick, an inveterate bird watcher who takes his job to heart (stomach) by ensuring the survival of the fittest.

Muchachos, you geeb We Three Cads a Ron por their money... you shoul' star' your own winelan' blarg...

BTW Rube...eef you're nard the brighdes' you're the bes' lookeen'.

Pee Ess: por prorgress arn Mamacita checgh oud her lades' pose' an' YouTube bideo arn hor blarg...Hor ved's beells mos' be crazee.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The face ob a a cad who needs feesh

[smallboice: Am I dosty? I theenk I'm dosty...]

The Horror! The Horror!

You know I lighe feesh, righd? You know I'm always askeen' por feesh, yes? You know I onlee ged feesh por my borthday, si?

So. Today the Wooman corms home. Hello Meester Keetten, she say.

Hello Wooman, I say.

Loogh whad I gard por you! she say

Oh? I say.

Yes! she say. Today a geef' basket arribe ad work, wheech ees almose' beeger than thees apar'men', an' een eed ees all these treads, lighe chocolades...' doan' ead chocolades, I say.

I know, she say, Bo' thees ees abou' you, nard me.

Como? I question.

Yes, she say...I brough' por you....

You see, she bagtragh. Een the basket was also theengs lighe crackhairs.

You lighe crackhairs, I say, especially weeth cheese.

Yes, she say, bod nard theeze.

Oh? I question.

Si, she say, Theeze ha' donproponouncable presorbateebs een them.

You no ead presorbateebs, I say.

Ees corregd, she say.

OK. I say. Can we ged bag to me?

Yes! She say. So:

So: I say

Yes, so...I brough' por you [thad's me, the cad Estorbo], a geeft.

Oh? I question.

Yes! she say.


My gard. I was nard esspecteen' thees.

She show me. Small packayge. Preedy (attracteeb) barx ob wile' - WILE' - salmon. [Dreamy boice:]...Once I had wile' salmon. Bagh een the day, arn Fladboosh. Eed carst more than the month's rend. Eed was deleecious.

Wile salon! I scream, yompeen' orp to loogh ad the barx...

Yes, she say, ees smallpiece, all por you.


She taghe eed ou' dob barx. Eed ees smoghe' salmon eenside een foil packayge. I yam waideen'. She ees readeen' package. Thad's yos plain wrarng! she say: How can sometheen' be good onteel 2013?

She open packayge. I maghe a feeshdance.

She taghe smallpiece and tasde.

She swallow. She say.


No.....? Whad you mean, NO???

No, she say, hm-mm, I yam nard feedeen thees to my cad.

I yam nard your cad, I say, I am DON Estorbo della Bodega Domincanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

No. She say, and throw eed away.

Een. The. Been.

There ees no place por my eyes to go. They cannard steek oud any forder. I yam...como se llama... Appalled!

Sorry cad, she say. Really: I yam sorry


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Can Someone Help Mamacita?

Cleeck here to see Mamacita's blarg. Eed ees new an' she ees a seeck keedy. Maybe you know someone een Nueva York who can adarpt hor...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Where ees the peeg?

She poot the peeg een a bag...

Geeb me the peeg!

Yesserday eet was there: onder the blanghet an' the coat.

I meess the pig. Eet was warm, an' smelled goo'...

Maybe eef I see' tarn the coa' eet weel corm bagh?

Call me meenky.

Pee Ess: eef you hab no idea whad the peeg ees, read the Wooman's blordee blarg.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Imran ees Free!

Now he mos yos ead his sardines...

Cabeen Feebhair

Today when the Wooman came home she open' the slideen' door. Ees ard easy. Door ees stork. She ged eed open an' I say, Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!

My Gard. I hab been short orp por three days, man. Eed sorks, beegtime. The trees hab changed colour, the drorgs smell deefferen'...I need to keep tragh ob thees theen's.


And, I need to make-a scratcha! I weel keel thees larg, I weel keel eet, I weel keel eet!

Ees dark orlee. Ees cole', too.

Bod. There ees a peeg. Een a blanket...

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I stole thees frarm Brigitte's Blarg. We doan' know who toogh the peecture.


I theenk weenter ees cormeen'. Please loogh ad leest ob theengs I hade arn sidebar. The slideen' door geds close' por the cole' air. I seet arn the daybed an' loogh cude, so the Wooman puts hor swairthair arn me. I loogh more cude. I yam yos cold. Een weenter she goes away por a larng time. She corms bag brown and smelleen' lighe order cads an' strange grasses. I weel leeb weeth Paulo who says his apar'men' hab rattones. So he wan' to me to maghe patrol an' scare them. Scare them. I weel ead them.
Pee Ess. Please FedEx your hairballs to me an' I forwar' to Pakeestan'. Gracias.
Pee Pee Ess. Sen' sardines to me.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I woul' lighe to geeb a miaow-oud to Mees Heather ad New York Shitty, who gabe a miaow-oud to Lisacad...and include thees leenk to the Story ob The Queensboro Breedge Keetten.
Si, I stole the peecture. Thees blarg-speagh and etiquedde ees esshausteen', man.
(photo: Lisa Vallez)

Texas, home ob Meester Boosh, shoots a Keetty

OK. I lorf bords. They fly, they tasde goo'...bod the only bords I see are peegeons. Rattons weeth weengs, essept por Jesus.

My Meesers read thees story to me, an' I was lighe, Oh my Gard, they shoot the Poossy??? They mos' go to jail! Then she essplain that the keetty was catcheen' the smallbords thad are dangerous. Sorry...Hendangered. Que? I said. No mas smallbords one day, she hesplained. Oh, I said, thad's bad. No more snags. Tase' como cheeps, I theenk. Flyeen' cheeps. Cheeps that cheep. Heheh. Barbecue flabour een Texas?

Whadebber, she said.

So ees eenteresteen'. Who ees righd, who ees wrarng? She deed say she woul' keel someone who shood me.

Thanks, I said, I yam so comfortaid.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Led Imran Go!!!

Lo siento por the poleeteecal eenterroption, bod I hab to say, they hab arrested my hero een Pakeestan. Ex-captain ob the Pakeestani Creecket Team, an' now arposseetion poleeteecian, Imran Khan. He ees my brorder, you see we hab the same profile.
A plague ob mice uparn Musharraf.
Led Imran Go!!!

Traineen' the Yooman

Read aboud Sargen' Parge, een Eenglan'...

I onnestan' heem. Eed's all abou' SARDINES!

Gracias to the Meesers of Trebor an H-h-h-huwi por the leenk...

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Peeps

My man Trebor...Hey Trebor, you been tannin' een Kalk Bay?? You brown, man! Also, sorry, you landed een Spam barx! I feeshed you oud today. I said to spam feelter, No es spam!

OK! Ad las'. I knew eed. Eed was yos a madder ob time. Thees ees Geenga. Hor seester Nona says Geenga ees a beesh. Loogh down there. There ees Nona.


They hab crosh arn me. Crosh me, keeties, I can taghe eed!

Ohio...tell your Meester to led you oud ob house, man! Ad fors you weel wan' to ron, bod he mos' led you oud when eed ees time for deener, so you have moch honger. Then he call you weeth food. Or, FEESH! Then you carm bagh. Also to put bodder arn feet.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Noo Loogh

Escuse me, I need a bath. Thees ees where I seet when the wooman maghes the Hoobereen'. I hade eed. Eed ees a marnster weeth a lighd ad the fron' an' a noise lighe the Cad ob Death, weeth growleen' an' screameen' an' sorkeen' ad the kilim. She say eed ees for remobeen' dos', bod I say eed ees for cadgeen' blagh cads an' eempreesoneen' them een the bagh eenside.
So you lighe my blarg's noo loogh? I am a blagh cad. Nard a green cad.

Friday, November 9, 2007

A Messayge

...for the Carnstrarction Worghairs

Keess. My. Ass.

Me an' Jesus

Thees morneen’ I yam eadeen’ my pelleds. Cronchee, golden, deleecious. I look orp ad the weendow, an’ whad I see? A bord , a forgheen' peegeeon, walkeen’ acrars the grabble arn the terrace to the weendow. He see me ronneen’, rosheen’ to heem, an’ he keep walkeen’, walkeen’... he is SMILEEN’ and walkeen’ and I yam rosheen’ and rosheen’ an he ees walkeen’, smileen’.

Who ees thees bord, I cry, an’ then I know the answer. Thees bord’s name ees Jesus (prounced como en EspaƱol, pleease: Hay-zoos, hokay? Hokay). I know thees bord ees Jesus because he ees walkeen’ eento the den ob Don Estorbo della Bodega Dominicana an’ he does nard geeb a sheet.

I look at heem. He look ad me. The Wooman open the door an’ say, Jesus, you waar arn the wrarng terrace. An’ Jesus look ad hor an’ say, Bod I yam hongree, an’ she ees holdeen’ me tighd an’ I yam stareen’ at heem weeth my mouth open an’ she geeb him granola an’ he ead an’ then he want to WALGH EEN THE HOUSE!!! He has reebons arn hees feed an’ also a halo. Then he walgh oud again.

Then she close the door an’ Jesus look ad me por five minutes an’ then walk slow away an’ look onemoretime ober hees shoulder an’ then fly slow away, y I tell you I yam sorree por all the bad wor’s I yab ebber said an’ I weel nebber ebber keeck my leeder oud ob the tray again por the Wooman to brosh orp. Madre de Jesus...

So now I know there ees a gard y my Meesers says he leebs down the blark arn the roop. So. There ead ees. I yam a cattoleec again.

My salutations an’ blesseen’s. May the peas ob the worl’ be weeth you,

Padre Estorbo

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Libe arn the Terrace

The lanlor' ees goin to keell the terrace becos frarm leaghs he nebber feexed proper before. Thees means Men een Boods. Carnstraction worghairs. Hell. I weell ron, I weell hide. Las' time I disappear por 24 hours an' the Wooman had to make rescue frarm abandon' beeldeen down the blarck. She carry me oud ob 4th floor arn rosty fire escabe weeth me arn shoulder. Berbery essiteen'...

So here ees me arn my terrace. Sheet.

Hmm, smells good....

Drorgs een spreeng are the bes'.


Me arn my carpet.

I doan wan thees sheep arn my terrace!

Can you see me now?

Call me Feisal...
August: ees forgheen hart, man.

Happy borthday to me...


Thees ees a yongle!


Ok, when's the party starteen'?

Whad the forgh ees oud there?????

Led me een!!!!

Led me oud!!!!

The Keeng.