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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Fors' Eenstallmen' ob My Heestorical Treep to Meeami, 2001

Date: 02 March 2001 19:06

Subject: Preparation por Meeami

ees Estorbo wrideen’. I yam nard eghcentreec. I do nard want to stay in this blordee flad all alone again...por 7 days, weeth yos the neigbour feedeen’ me...Again I weel ged fad... after losing manymany poun’s (three, I theenk). Also, I yam being weaned from my medicaded food, and my Meesers, she is worried that maybe when I ged no more medeecine in the food, I will starp peein’ again! So she wants to watch me good. Also, I theenk I weel enjoy the climate een Meeami, and een Meeami, I can talk to all the Cuban cads, and seed in the cafes and drink small corps ob carffee weeth them.

Also, my Meester requested thad I beeseet heem. He is berbery depressed and he theenks he will cheer orp when he sees me. I yam a fonny cad, sometime’...And my Meesers say, there no blordee work por hor now, and in 5 weeks, all hell break loose at garden place, so she weel not be yable to go nowhere then. So nex’ Wednesday, we go to anorder blordy ved who we theenk is alcoholeec, but he ees a man (nard the wooman whad I HADE), and he drive a charped hog (ees a Harley motorcycle), to get certeefeecate so I fly yas hand loggage, wheech say, Thees cad ees healthy and no make order blordee animals arn aeroplane seeck. My meesers say she never saw an order aneemal on plane before.

But we mos’ make like the rules say...Also we mos’ tell airline ahead of time so they no put us next to darg. Lady on phone say, What kine’ dob cad ees eed you take as hand loggage? My Meesers quiet for a beed, theenkeen’, What hell kine’ ob cad you THEENK eed is as hand loggage. Out loud she soggest...Puma? Order lady quiet. Then she say, Ma’am...deed you say puma, ma’am? Yes sirree, says my Meesers, I say I take puma to Meeami as hand loggage...what you theenk???? Housecad...housecad ees whad I take!

So. Can cads (housecads) take Rescue Remedee? I leedle afraid frarm aeroplane noise. Bod I theenk ees bairder to go than to stay all alone... Maybe I yos sleep when alone. I doan’ know. I no watch myself so moch. So I go and hope eed weel nard be a beeg flarp. Ees esperiment – practees por Afreeca maybe. You tell Meester Khamel to ged ready...Now I mos' go.


  1. Ola Estorbo hermano we are AGOG about your trip to Miami it is much more exciting than the Archers which Anne listens to (so we have to as well). Your story is real life. The Archers is a soppy radio soap. Keep us posted.


    PS we are sorry to hear about your unhappy kittenhood with issues of abandonment etc. Please tell your Meesers to put Rescue Remedy in your water starting now to help not only with your travels but also with the feelings you are connecting with regarding the v. important person who named you.

  2. Gracias, boys. Bod I doan' need Rescue Remedy no more. The treep was seex years ago an' my ex-Papa ees maybe nard eben a memory. I doan' know, I forgard.

    More to follow:

  3. lednnie and sollieAugust 19, 2007 at 5:08 PM

    ok we miss the date because we are too engrossed in your story. But its good you are over it. Us? we forget everything except food time.

    Look forward to the next instalment.

  4. Hola Don E!

    Goodness, what amazing adventures. Far more exciting than what happend to us. Although it was scary at the time. We were born in a barn on a farm and the farmer was going to drown us. But the farmer's wife said: "No, they are my babies." And the farmer said: "Well, they are unwanted babies, so you'll just have to give them up for adoption."

    So she did but she wrote a note first about when we were born and where and then she took us to the Blue Cross in Tiverton in Devon. This is a place where all sorts of animals end up when people don't want them any longer - but where they find new forever homes with people who won't give them away again. And that's where M found us. Now, we heard that she was looking for black kittens like you and our friends Trevor and Huwi and Lennie and Sollie. But Clarence - I have to say - put on such a great performance when she looked at us, that she was smitten. Love at first sight! (He was much braver than me then but I think it was his white socks that did it.)

    Which is how we came to be living in a very old house, with a big garden (lots of trees and bushes), in a village on a hilltop in Devon. And where life is good. Although Clarence had one big mishap after we came here, which I'll write about another time.

    Clarence says thank you for posting his picture. I hope it doesn't go to his head, you know - internet fame and all that.

    Hasta luego amigo.

  5. Cothbairt! Please sen' to me a peecture ob you whad ees horizontal, nard bertical: ees prarblem weeth blarg. Eed make-a you stetcha when Bertical. Horizontal, OK? then I pose' you, too!