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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Eed all comes togairther...

Me. Eateen' sardines. Fors' time, ebber. An al fresco, too. Life ees goo'.


  1. is mornin here. we reading the papers in the sun on the deck. is not hot, is cool but sunny. creem for breakfast again, is good being 8, hmm? sardines - we know, we love! ambrosius was a potter?? you look very handsome with birthday bow.

  2. we glad yor meesers liked the poppies, is season here now. we like to watch them pop! open.

  3. Clarence & CuthbertAugust 5, 2007 at 6:19 AM

    What a birthday - we have told M that in future we want more, better presents. Like the Greek 100% fat yoghurt. (M has Greek yoghurt but is on a regime and eats only the 0% stuff. We will educate her.)

    Trouble is our birthday is on April 28th so we have to wait months (until we are eight too). But we always get Christmas presents so maybe the stockings will be extra full with loads of feline feast this year. (She can forget the catnip mice.)

    Anyway, it is hot, hot, hot here in Devon today so we're off for an afternoon snooze in the long grass in the garden. Have a good NYC Sunday.

    (Don E - am feeling a bit better today so have sent photo to your Meessers. Clarence)

  4. Lennie and SollieAugust 6, 2007 at 4:46 PM

    Ola Estorbo Madre Mia what a terrible time we have had getting in touch. We have sent e-mails with pictures which have been sent back to us and we have posted numerous messages on your blog and THIS IS OUR FINAL ATTEMPT without proper advice. Our Missis hasn't much of a clue with technology and she takes that dog Flora for walks rather than read her computer manual and work out how to contact you. So we are on minimum speakers at this moment until she has managed to get through to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! LOVED THE PHOTOS. LOVED THE PRESSIES. REALLY LOVED YOUR BOWL.XXX

  5. Lennie and Sollie! It worghed! You gard through! yeah, we no gard no peectures frarn you aar' fram Sollie weeth darg. Or was thad Lennie???

    Pee Ess: bowl was made een Swellendam. We theenk. I fine' oud...I weell contagd housekeeper ob Ambrosius.

  6. Ola Estorbo-Amigo

    Good-oh now we are in contact and now we are speaking to our Missis again. She even had to contact Africa and ask Huwi and Trevor's Comrade Madam to explain computer technology. It is me, Lennie, with the dog. The dog is OK when she is asleep otherwise she licks my face all over WHICH I CANNOT STAND! Sollie is out in the Sun at the moment so I'll leave him to talk to you separately about the dog, but perhaps not, because she and he do not get on very well. Both are far too bossy and clash.
    Me I'm like you - latino temperament and say que sera sera all the time.

    Mucho amorxx