blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: March 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hard libe

Oh, good. Brake fas'!

I lorb bodhair you know? Yesserday when the Wooman was nard lookeen' I ade ALL the bodhair frarm the tray. Today she shoud ad me, BADCAD!

Who, me? Bad? You mos' be keedeen'!

Are you goeen' to ead thad?

So the bodes por the morg shart: Sorry por the poll bein' so forgheen illegeeble een the sidebar...Bod eed's a DRAW! Between Whad the Forgue (spreadlegs een the greenshort) and Talkgh to the Paw. So we mos' choose worn more time, y the Wooman say I should geeb a few more choices, also. I say, why? She say, Because I pay the cable beel.


Manana, manana.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pleease bode por a morg shart.

1. Whad the forgue?

Pleease bode een the poll arn the lefd por whad peecture you wan' arn a morg...

The captions are sobyeghd to change. We decide ladehair. Also, eef you lighe a peecture frarm the blarg, please tell me wheech posed eed was, y whad dade, OK? OK!

 2. Born een the Yoo Esse Ay.

 3. Go. Away.

 4. I lorb you.

5. Keess me.

6. Sheet.

7. Don Estorbo.

8. Talgh to the paw.

 9. Th.

10. The Paw.

 11. Waghe orp!

12. The Don

13. The keeng ob cads.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


 You though' I was dead, deedn' you?

You thoughd I yad abandon' my thousan's y thousan's ob adoreen' fans, Yes? Admeed eed, yes? Yes? I mean, Si?


Nebber woul' Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!) leab those who lorb y appreciade heem! Nebber! Only eef he was prebendted by some crazylocogaga WOOMAN woul' he be kepd frarm blargeen por ELEBEN days!!!!!

I mean, Whad the forgue??

No. I do nard essagerade.



Nard all ob hor peegs are een their sty, eef you know whad I mean? Yes? Yes? I mean, Si?

Two peegs shord ob a peecneec eef you as' me.

 She ees weareen' camouflage. I keed you nard.  She say she need to "blen' een."

I say, Oh yes, I mean si, thad ees easy, you are seex food weeeth red hair, you TODALLY blen' een.

Blen' eento whad, anyway? I as'.

The fores', she wheesper.

The fores'??? I wheesphair bag...

Yes, she say, I yam ad war.

I know! I say, weeth me!

No you stupeed hairball. Weeth the leederhairs.


Que? I say. Thees ees deefeecol' por me to onnerstan' - hor aghsen' ees nard so easy. Leeder hairs. Hairs. Hares. Fores'. Leeder...hares?

Hares = Rabbeeds? Rabbeeds + Leeder.

YOU MEAN THERE ARE RABBEEDS EEN MY LEEDHAIR TRAY???? I knew eed looghed fonny! An' you are magheen' war arn the rabbeeds weeth my taghs dollars? Why deed you nard tell me?

No, you moron, she say. Leederhairs! Persons whad throw garbage arn the groun' een the fores'.

Oh, I say, you mean d.a.r.g.s.

NO! Yooooooooomans, she say.

Peegs! I say.
Peegs, she say.


Ees esshausteen.