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Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Crazee, Outdoor Libe

Whad a mess. Thees ees whad the Wooman calls gardeneen'...You see the fresh drorgs por me...? She's a dealer, man.

Can you see me now?

Pee Ess: can, sorry, May, I yos' poin' oud to you, thad arn the closterforgh, sorry, ClosterMAP, I am geddeen' more heets een GAUTENG/Johannesburg than een Cape Town? Okay? okay.


  1. estorbo, either the map is wrong or you have secret admirer in gauteng/jobeg - we checkin in to read blaarg at least once a day, we not wanting to miss a THING in a day in the life of our brother!

  2. Gracias, my brorders...Guess whad I had por lonch. TOONA!

    I feel seeck.

  3. Ooh tuna. Yum. We could do with some (M please note.) Anyway, Don E, we have good news; my brother Clarence is not diabetic and he doesn't have a heart condiion. The tests showed - nothing! And he is feeling much better. Yesterday he was out in the sun all day. But he still has to lose some weight so the vet suggested that M take him out for a walk - on a harness. A harness - I ask you?!

    He says pish tush to a harness and that he has plenty of acreage to run around in and trees to climb, if and when he feels like it. He says he doesn't need to be treated like a dog - and there enough of those here already. (But I notice that M has started giving my brother less food than me. Ha ha!)

    Adios amigo.

  4. othbairt an' Clarnce..Dudes!

    So why was Clarence feeleen' seeck, then?

    Leesten, no harness, I have a terreeble story abou' a harness.

    Make your Meesers pull streeng. Lef' righ' lef' righ: here there orp down. I lorf streeng. I hade streeng. I weell keell streeng. Eed makes my hear'bea' go, yompayompa.

    No harness.Oh, and Heells Science Die-ate, Lighd.