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Friday, July 27, 2007

Time out

This is Estorbo's Missus. He can't come to the computer right now. His computer priviledges have been revoked temporarily following:

1. The early a.m. tearing up of yet another Netflix postage-paid return-envelope. This time the damage was so severe that no amount of sticky-tape could put Humpty together again and I had to wait for the next DVD so I could return two together, thus delaying the arrival of the otherwise ceaseless supply of movies by one day, necessitating the rental from a real shop of a movie one night and the subsequent (consequent, inevitable) incurring of the late-fees because I did not return it in time. (Mitigating factor: Nick, at Videofree Brooklyn, knocked a day off my fine. Thank you Nick. Eff you, Estorbo)

2. His persistent wake-up calls to me at obscene hours.

3. The bringing home last night of a live cockroach from the outside. I had to squash it with the Oxford Very Non-concise Dictionary, at 1am in the morning.

4. Foul and unprovoked language.

5. Deciding, in full view of me, in fact while holding my gaze, to pee outside of the litter tray, while sitting firmly in it, just as I was heading out the door to an Important Party, smelling of Chanel No. 19.


  1. Estorbo, you in B I G trubble!!!!

  2. Clarence and CuthbertJuly 28, 2007 at 1:57 AM

    Oh boy, Estorbo. What next? You'd better watch out or who knows what fate might befall you?

    We will send pictures soon - promise. Our mum has been a bit busy and it's been so wet here. Very scary. Water up to the doorstep. And big spiders coming into our very old house, freaking her out. She does not understand that spiders - especially big ones - are great to chase. Of course, to the canines we have to share our comfortable abode with, big spiders are just another tasty snack. Sometimes dogs are so stupid.

    Take care transatlantic friend.

    (Note to Estorbo's Meesers: please, please give him another chance and let him have computer privileges back soon.)

  3. estorbo - W H Y you do these things that upset the meesers? we just HANGING OUT for you to arnsa our questions, we missing you big time. maybe, um, maybe .... um, sorri to the meesers??? or just splane to her why, maybe she not unnastandin what you trying to tell? if you splane maybe she not so mad. XX

  4. Hi Estorbo

    It's me, Clarence here, not the two of us just me. And it is my turn to be in big trouble, which is why I am writing this without Cuthbert - I don't want him to find out. You know how brothers can be.

    Anyway, I was out hunting most of the night and when I came in at dawn, I was pretty wet and muddy so decided to curl up on M's bed (warm and dry). She was a bit surprised to see me as, usually, I sleep by the Aga in the kitchen (well, I am a very British country cat). So, she went to get a towel to dry me down and then said I was covered in grass seeds, which are - apparently - a VERY BAD THING and DANGEROUS. And that's where it all went wrong; as she picked the grass seeds out of my coat, she suddenly let out a shriek. a yuk sort of a shriek.

    It turns out that a slug crept out from my fur onto the bed and, when she'd stopped having a fit, she said that she drew the line at slugs in the bedroom. Well, for goodness' sake - it wasn't a big slug.

    So now I have been barred from the bedroom. I must go back to sleeping in the kitchen and, knowing my luck, the weather will change, we will have full-on sunshine and M will turn off the Aga for the rest of the summer.

    And I can hear those pesky dogs laughing even as I write this. Huh!

  5. estorbo, this is called being in the *d*o*g* box, is not a place you want to be, for sure, is no place for a cat. we hope you and your missus kiss and make up soon, we your brothers are missin you. we just found you and now you gone agen. sigh.