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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Continueen' Story...

So after she has been theenkeen' my meesers tell Rose, OK, I taghe heem. The boyfrien' ob the Meesers, who ees Mexican, say, I yam nard loogheen' after no cad. Fine, she say.

So again I yam pood een the Onattracteev Grey Barx, arn the ferry, arn the sobway to Brookleen. We arribe ad the apartment (thees ees old place, nard where we are now). Rose an' hor daughter Dianna clime weeth the barx orp the stairs. The meesers an' the Mexican loogh through the bars ob the barx ad me. She open the gade an I crawl oud. Ees so embareseen'. I yab been een the barx so larng I pee. My Gard, the shame. The meesers go to the bathroom an' make warm water weeth flower-smells. She an' Dianna poot me een where I stan' lighe drowned rad and she wash me. Then she dry. I ron onder bed. I leeck myself por hours. Later I throw orp beeg forball. Thees ees nard geddeen' arf to a good start, says the Mexican.

Oh. I forghed: my name then ees nard Estorbo. Ees Midnight. Because I'm blagh, see?

One week I leeb onder bed. Then slowly I start to come oud when I see they nard so bad. Een the morneen' I stand een the bedroom door an' say EEEEEP, FFFFeed me! When the yoomans walk I walk een front an' then starp sodden. Then they fall. I waghe them at 3, 4, 5am. I yam so hongree. They throw peellows. I ron.

Ebentually the Mexican say, thees cad's name ees Estorbo. Obstacle.


  1. the story .. we r rivetted to the screen as the drama of our long lost but now found brother unfolds. we have so many questions - how the broken jaw?? 6 weeks of wire, how you eeet?? how l o n g it take the meesers and the mexican to unnerstand that a cat likes to eeet inna middle of the nite?? ooooh, that being under bed for a week inna new place - we don't need dna testing Don Es, you definitely our brother! hairballs - you see shrek2? we call them antonio banderas moments. we say adios for now

  2. .. sori for so many questions ... how you got the job at the chelsea flower market? how you get from box in bodega to there? how you learn to put the r o d e n t s inna neet line? (you FOR SURE our brotha!!)

  3. ... oooops, we so xcited, we missed the bit about rose an her fren and the box and rose's cats jumpin on yor head, plz forget that question Don Es