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Friday, July 20, 2007

Gues' Pose' frarm the Cads weeth the Speghtacular Tails

Trevor and Huwi said...
ola esTORbo!we emailed you twice, our mesij came back, we emailed your meesers, the mesij came back - what IS this?? so we sending this to blarg.sori for bad name spelling. theze paws r for clawing and hunting, not yet evolvd for typin, we makin a mistakes. we r so HAPPI for seein ourselvs on yor blarg, we r so HAPPI for havin frend in brooklyn, esTORbo, me huwi, not lui, si? (we learn spanish from you). is like HUGH MASEKELA of the trumpet. HUGH GRANT of the movies. HUGH-GO BOSS of the kloths. then you put ee. hugh - ee. like eet but no t. you can try? is not so hard, you ask yor meesers, she help, ok? if must be lui, must be lui, but you try little bit for huwi? is lui but with a H.what is gang colours? the bling (i am nard gay either, not that there is anything wrong with that) is name tag, is for gettin colla back when losin it (the colla). i losin it often, me a BIG!! night hunter. or if i losin myself, then there is the phone numba on the bling. once i lost myself long time, but that is big story, this is little mesij. summer i HUNT!! winter i SLEEP!! now is winter. here is my brother. bye estorbo.esTORbo, ola!! you like my tail! (but i am NARD GAY, see?) (not that there is anything wrong with that) we are looking like brothers! but no bodega on the lower east - we come from smart big hows in wandsworth, south london (england, not ontario). but, um - estorbo, how old are you if is not rude to ask? maybe someone steal you from wandsworth and take you to bodega? you have birthday? next month me and huwi/lui will be 8.what is bye in spanish?

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  1. Adios, Muchachos...

    Hasta Luego, Hombres...

    Don Es