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Monday, July 16, 2007

My Roots: I Lorf Mango

Are you goeen' to ead thad?

Leesten, eef I hab to helbh myself, I weell...

Gracias a dios! The Wooman seese cents and geeves me some mango. I lorf mango. Man. Eed remine's me ob my homelan'...I meess DR. The breezes, the palm trees. Treeps to Cuba an' Fidel's cad, Chavez. Man, I meess Chavez. Thad cad had some good cigars.


  1. Ola Estorbo in New York. We are using our mum's computer to tell you that we are huge fans of your blog, dude. We're twin brothers - Clarence and Cuthbert - and we live in Devon, in the English countryside and we are very big tabby cats.

    Even though we have a big garden to hunt in, it is always wet here and we'd rather be in the sun in South Africa too. Our mum goes there but doesn't take us. How mean is that? We don't want to listen to her droning on about fab Kalk Bay is or how amazing the Tsitsikamma Forest is or about the gorgeous elephants in Addo. Enough is enough. We are going to make her write about us on her blog.

    Anyway, Estorbo. We'll be back. Adios for now.

  2. Don Estorbo della Bodega etc etcJuly 17, 2007 at 9:29 AM

    Om my Gard

    Clarence and Cothbairt...Beeg Tabbees. Now you are whad I call reeal Cads, man. Do you hab peecture (no, I tole' you I'm nard Gay! NARD thad there's anytheen' wrarng weeth thad. Man. People geeb me hard time). Eed's yos thad I tell my Meesers thad sometime' I woul' nard mine habeen ' a friend', lighe my frien' een Cape Town, Meester Andre Khamel, who ees a Tabbee. You had beeg garden. You hab a Whad ees these, please? You hab peecture ob Debon? Muchas Gracias por writeen' to me..I meess my friend' Beeg Blue, bod he was so old-fashion' he deed nard lighe the medium ob the blarg, he yos looghed ad the peectures. I mos go. I only had 17 hours ob slep yesserday.

    Yours, Don Es, etc etc

  3. Estorbo, we are also great fans! Ola! We are Trevor Huddleston Parkin and Huwi Masekela Sonnenberg Parkin. We are brothers, big and black like you (we will send photos as soon as we know how, we are not quite as old fashioned as your late friend Big Blue but we are still a little technology-challenged). We live in St James in Cape Town, but we were born in Wandsworth in London. Our mum (that is someone like da wooman) brought us here in a big noisy airoplane. We have a deck and views of the sea. We lie in the sun and chase beaugainvillea flowers in the wind. Bye Estorbo XX Trevor and Huwi

  4. Trebor and'...Iuii??

    Blag cads. My gard! I yam so oberwhelmed. Do you hab feesh?? Leesten; your names. I wann'ed to chreesten the smalldargs ob my Wooman's parents, Tokyo and Sexxi, bod they said, No way Jose. I lighe your names, Shows goo' breedeeen'. Yes. I mean, si. Pleease sen' peectures.

    don Es della etc etc etc

  5. Ola Estorbo! We don't know why we were anonymous. Please can you ask Da Wooman how we can send Da Pikshas? We can email but to where? Tokyo and Sexxi - we like! But we understand why the no way Jose. That's an H, not an L - Huwi, OK?

  6. Hey, new Cads! My email ees now arn my blarg, neear my peecture...

    don Es della blablabla