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Monday, July 16, 2007


I know there are goo' dhorbs somewhere een here por me. Eef the Wooman poots more storf arn my cheen I weel bide hor jogular een the night. The sheets won't be whide no more.

Ehhhh, si. Now I feel goo'. The horbs hab keecked een. The rose ees so peenk. I lighe peenk. No, I yam nard Gay. NARD thad there's anytheen' wrarng weeth thad! I yos lighe peenk, man. Eed's so...Peenk. I need to sleep.

Eed ees morneen' again! Loogh! The rose ees steell there. Eed ees peenk. I lighe peenk. Ees thad a bord?

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