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Friday, July 20, 2007

Call me Zorro

I doan' know where to begeen. I eensolted my new frien's. Fors I mus' essplain my spelleen'. Ees my aghsent. I cannard say 'aitch' (H H H) soun'...Ees deefeecolt. H--H-H uii. H-H, cough. Een my language, ees pronounced, I - u- i (Lighe EE-OO EE?). My Gard. I yam essausted. I try. I try.

Secon'...I geeb my email address an' then I fine' oud my Meesers forgheen' change eed!!! Deed she as' me, deed she consul'?? No! porque why? Porque I yam a cad. Yos a cad. Do we nard share a compudair?


I weell ged new email. Also the email por the Wooman is now I weel carpy an pose' your comment een my blarg especial. My apologies.
Hey. Thees ees freaky. I weel be torneen' 8 een Augus' (approximadely)...

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