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Monday, May 25, 2009

Worn weeg ladehair

I yam nard seeck. I yam bedhair.
I yam peeing como un champion.
I yam helpeen' the Wooman to carntrol las plantas.
I say to hor, Why do you buy las plantas eef they are so onruly?
I boughd you, deedn't I? she say, so sarcasteec.
Aghtuallee, I say, polideboiceonnertheceerconstances, I was free.
Hab you seen your ved's beell? she as'...
No I say, I hab nard. Whad ees your poin'?

Life ees bag to normal.
Dayeen, dayoud.


  1. So you're better. That's really good to hear. Keep up the attitude; it suits you so much better than being sick and feeble.

  2. So glad that you're feeling better and have resumed your plant assistant duties! We were all free cats too but Meowmy insists on reminding us of Fuzzy's first vet bill (around $900...and she had to pay $65 to bail him out of quarantine), Gingy's second vet bill (radioactive isotope treatment for hyperthyroid, $1200), Louie's 3 emergency vet visits, surgery, etc. (over $4000)...but really, what is her point?

  3. Hermano, that's great news! And you are worth every penny the Wooman had to pay the ved... (sorry, Wooman).

  4. Yay!!!

    The lawsuit against the Bandito continues!!!

  5. http://moreidlethoughts.wordpress.comMay 25, 2009 at 11:00 PM

    Hola! Back with the cattitude. We are all pleased.
    And you seem to be a great help in controlling las plantas. You want a summer vacation/job down here? Si?

  6. gud sho, my brother. ya had us wurreed there fer a cupla dayz.
    ya wuz luckee ta be found by a gud wooman, bro. vrry luckee. Mine alwayz sez whut her mom alwayz sed -- itz onlee moneey, ya can always wrrkowt the monee, whut ya run out uv is tyme.

    Mine wuz away fer prrt a the weekend. sed she wuz checkin on ya wile she was gone. dint do noe checking on us that i noe of, but we aint got our own blog to make it eezy. i doan like hrr beein away -- tha naybor ladee doan do the fud the way i lyke it -- an i took my tyme comin home wen she got back, but wit all the upset, i gess she felt she needed it. i doan like it, but cant reelly begrudje hrr -- ya noe? -- made my point, tho. made my point.


  7. This is most excellent news. Good to see you out, sunning yourself next to the raspberry colored wall, which, by the way, really plays up your gorgeous black coat. About the vet bills, they are not your concern. The woman really should shield you from those silly realities of the human world. Your job is to be handsome and put up with a few scratches under the chin now and then. An occasional snuggle is frosting on the cake...

  8. Glad the beeg cat is back on his paws!