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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Wooman says I yam nard oud ob the woods yed.

Bod I doan' see no woods.

I yos see the roop and las plantas.

Tonighd I wen' por a shord walk arn the roop.

The Wooman keep lookeen' ad me an' folloween' me. I feel como uno rarckstar.


  1. Hola! Good to see you out and about. Stay well, hermano.
    Purrs from R, G & S

  2. 'Storbie, that terrace colour looks really good on you!

  3. huzzah, my brother. glad ta see ya on the prowl agen.
    now remembrr ta drink up.

    we got a baby bandito coming inta the yrrd for the pelleds Mine leaves out fer the yrrd catz. i usta be a yrrd cat, so i unnerstan the appeel, still n all tho, it's a bandito. theese woomans of arrs, i think sumtymes they got too sofft a hrrt. she put watrr out fer it too. they lyke to dip, she sez. whaddya gonna do. . .


  4. Happy to see you enjoying your roop and terrace again. Keep drinking, hermano, and you will be honner' percent before you know it. And about the Wooman ... expect her to be following you around for a while. Mine does the same when I'm not feeling well ... they're like that.

  5. Aaack! How can I go away without knowing you are totally better Estorbo??? I will be checking your blog until the last minute.

  6. Glad you're on the mend, poor suffering saintly one. Keep up the good work.

    Tell the Wooman I've increased my font size - she'll know what I mean.

  7. Estorbo- I'm not sure if you'd know the woods if you saw them!

    Listen to the Wooman- she's seen the woods. And stay away from the edge- do you think that you can fly?

  8. Hey Senior Guapo,

    Your word for the week? HYDRATE. Sending you abrazos y besos.

    -KarenLR and Henry

  9. So glad to hear you are on the mend! Your friend Kirby sends headbumps, and I send you a kees.

  10. Hola, Estorbo! really really glad to see that you're out and about again. Please keep on resting and drinking water. Afraid you'll have to put up with the Wooman hovering a bit until she's sure you're quite well...that's how they express their concern for us. You know, kind of like if she were a momma cat and you were still a kitten, she'd grab you by the scruff of the neck and carry you away from the edge of the roof...

  11. MIT - si, gracias

    Beence - I lighe eed, too. Where are you?

    Hallow -een - a baby bandido? You can play weeth eed an teach eed treecks!

    Ikaika - Si, I dreenk, bod I yam so seeck of the pelleds thad tasde so bad.

    ChreesJ - ees OK, I weell ged bedhair.

    Rachel - Si, Saint Estorbo. Ees me.

    Blackbor'- I hab bongee cor'.

    Karen - muchas gracias.

    Jenniefair - hola Jen...pleease geeb Hussein a leeck frarm me.

    Donna - ees torf bein' me.

    QC - muchas gracias. Sigh.