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Sunday, May 3, 2009

My keetten een law

... Ees the leedle worn een the meedle. She leebs een Quebec weeth seest-hair an' nephew an' mordhair ob Smoothman. Seest-hair weell hab to essplain who are the order cad een laws. We hab nard med yed. They are ladies. [Circe is lefd, Loukhi ees righd]

Keetten ees call' Saphi.

I as', ees she Lesbian keetten?

The Wooman says to me, Cad, when deed you ged so educaded? Eed doan' suid you.

Whad. Ebber. I say.

Keetten ees learneen' to roar frarm Circe, como her oncle (ME! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!)

Keetten came to a sad house: Luritja, the beeg mancad, pass away. Eberyone bersad. So Saphi corm an help as therapeecad.


  1. How wonderful ... every home should have a blag cad (at least one). We have two -- Mochroi (aka Midnight) and Sgian Dubh (aka Blackie) -- both females. The therapeecad is very cute; it sounds like she has some very big paws to fill. I hope she helps Beence's family to get through the loss of their Luritja.

  2. threpeecad. perfect. pritha

  3. thrapeecad. ooops, estorbo!

  4. Saphi is beautiful, Estorbo...little tabby ball of fluff, who doesn't seem at all put off by the massive display of dentition by her older sister. I'm so sorry that Luritja passed over the Rainbow Bridge, and how thoughtful of Saphi to join the household as a therapy cat...every home needs a little kitten to bring laughter back (except ours of course,,,we provide plenty of humor, we don't need any kittens around here!!!)

  5. Ok, so first picture: on the left is Circé. On the right is Loukhi. No worries, even grand'ma has trouble telling them apart.

  6. Oh and the roaring cat is Circé... showing off for the gallery...

  7. Oh and Bobo? SaphI not SaphO. With all that culture, learn to read, brother! I ain't calling you Bibi am I?

  8. hullooooo i am stil here evryone thinks i am on last legs but i am a cet from efrica end i hev menny legs to go thet kitten looks like me