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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Q: Who call' the ved a bastard? A: Who call' the bastard a ved?

My beeg, blag ved, Dr Maddox has retired. We try new ved.

Yesserday was a bad. day.


I yam nard ready to talghe abou' deed.

Two veds. Two harspeetals. Fors' one ees "Hope". Hopeless. Drorgs. "Teghneecians". Pain.

Thees ees me below when the Wooman broughd me home las' nighd, walkeen' weeth the onnattracteeb grey barx, por 6 blarcks to our brownstone frarm the Emergencia ved...

Ad home I coul' nard stan'. I fell, I was ronneen' tryeen' to escabhe een the apar'men' frarm the enemies ad the ved. The Wooman neearly cry bod she make braveface so she no orpsed me more. Ees OK. I could see nada anyway. I fel' so bad. All because I maghe so many treeps to the leeder barx an' no pee and cry.

Bod I wanted my pelleds. I TOLE her the Heell's sheet was good. I gard seeck because she try the new espenseeb Evo een cans an' she geeb me no more Heells sheet pelleds weeth water.

I. Need. Water. She know I doan' dreenk enorf.

Thees morneen' she gabe me two peells and I ade pelleds in agua. I swallow peells when she geeb. I no swallow peells ad the ved. I swallow teghnicians. They doan' lighe me because I yam strarng an' pierce. I doan lighe them. They are aneemals.

Then I pass oud and sleep. I peed three times today. Good pee, nard plinkaplinka. Good, said the Wooman.

I yam berbery tired an' steell nard so honner' percent. Maybe the peells maghe me dopy. Drorgs.

I sleep.


  1. Ahhh! 'Storbie, what an ordeal! Welcome back! You're Dominican man, not Jamaican, you're not supposed to be stoned. Now get better and contract those pupils a bit, will you?

  2. Poor kitten! Hope you are feeling much better SOON!

  3. Oh, Don Estorbo!!! Get well soon. We all love you very much, almost as much as the woman does. She will take care of you.

    Hugs & Blessings!!!

  4. Just found your blog and I just love it. Feel better soon, Don E!!!

  5. hey my brother, i noe itz hrrd, but try tuh cooperate wit teh v.e.t. and hiz minyuns. it ain't gude not ta hav a reglur doc. a nessissary evul, an all that.

    the woomans do thrr best. always fussin bout the fud,tho -- try this try that -- mebbe shee'll heer ya and stick to the pelleds. Mine brought me pelleds on yer rekomendayshun [an becuz she had a cyoopon]. I dint care fur em so much, but diffrint strokes an all that.

    feel bettrr, hermano. soon, i hope, reel soon. an let uz noe, pleez how yer doin az soon az ya can.

  6. Hola, Estorbo! we are very sorry to hear that you were feeling so unwell. Louie in particular has sympathy for you because he had urinary tract blockages that practically killed him. It sounds like that Hills "sheet" with water plus your pills should help. We sure hope so!
    purrrrrs from your hermanos y hermanas in Virginia,
    Louie, Sylvie, Fuzzy, and Gingy

  7. Dianh is a bit dopey today (yesterday was very stressful meeting she said)an' she went an' left our comment on The Wooman's page
    But we purr for you. Get well. An' drink your water. Beeg Dreenk, OK?

  8. Ohhhhh, Estorbo. We feel for you! Sleep, sleep and sleep some more. Then get up and eat, then sleep again. Tell your woooman that high class cats like you don't like their food changed. It's not good for their insides. But she was only trying to be extra good to you. Storbie, stay well, pleeez.

  9. Oh, poor beautiful black cat, what a bad time you've been having! Pepper down the road, the Street Bully, suffers in the same way, and his wooman suffers too because of it. And stress makes it worse.... Rest and stay calm, and get well quickly.

  10. Hi Estorbo, it's Porro here. Man, I am sorry to hear what you've been through. We are sort of in the same boat. I am prone to urinary crystals so Kelley makes me eat this special Hill's food. Good thing it's delicious! I've never been blocked, though, but I hear it's really really painful. Kelley used to work as one of those technicians for 8 years and she is always worried about that happening to me. I'm glad you are home. Rest up, buddy!

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  12. Beence - I need you to beat orp a v.e.t. por me. The fors' worn, nard the secon' worn.

    Karen - gracias. The Wooman also calls me Keet-hen. Maybe I beeseet you een Bermon' por harliday climbeen' trees.

    Leeberty (ees good name por cad) - gracias...the Wooman made me cheecken soup lighe Ikaika geds when he ees seeck.

    Ahnarneemoos: You hab good tasde. Gracias. Neghs time you can maghe name por yourself. Orderwise I woan' know who you are.

    My Crarft, you are aghtuallee Hallow een: so, hermano, gracias - The Heells Sheet ees Heell's Lighd. I hab put arn three pounds weeth Evo. Go figure. Eed was nard the food whad made me seeck, I theenk, yos nard enorf water meexed weeth eed. Stupeed Wooman.

    Remember to porr esstra hard por your Wooman, OK? OK...

    QC and cads: poor Louie. Si, the ved thougd I had same blarckage, bod we theenk eed was mucho creestals. I am peeing good today! Como uno racehorse!

    Rosty Geighair an' Sporran - ...ees Sporran nard a kine' ob dress? Eeeeeeep! The Wooman geebs me agua weeth many pelleds now an' soup frarm chicken meat. I am well hydraded. Aboud forgheen' time.

    ChreesJ - I yam eadeen, I yam dreenkeen', I yam sleepen'...Gracias. Sorry por the corsee', I had a bad orpbeengeen'.

    Rachel - Si! Stress!! The carnstrorction worghairs...

    Kelley - I weesh you wor my teghneecian. They squeeze me so har'...

    Porro! Ees good to meed anorder blag cad...As' Kelley to poot agua weeth your pelleds, so they fload. Fors you dreenk the agua, then you ead: I nebber gard crystals lighe thees.

  13. The kitty purred yesterday morning and made scratcha last night on his log on the terrace, and he has never lost his appetite. He is now worried about getting water on the brain. He is swallowing his pills with more good humour than I would have expected (analgesics to uninflame his you know what and antibiotics just in case). They make him sleepy and a bit dopy, and I'm buying him some natural yoghurt today to help with the antibiotics.

    We are poorer by $550. But not by the $2,400 that a three day stay (advocated by Vet #1) would have cost.

  14. Best wishes for a speedy recovery from all of us!

  15. We are all hoping that you'll be feeling better soon, Estorbo...the continuing to eat and purr are very good signs.

    Last time Louie had to go to the emergency vet, it was over $700 (and a 45-minute drive each way late at night). Luckily, it was just bladder irritation that time. Speaking of construction workers, Louie hasn't had any urinary tract issues since September, which is when two guys were at the house for almost 3 weeks redoing the people bathroom...before that, at least once a month he would have blood in his urine and painful, frequent, unproductive trips to the litter box. Don't know what the correlation is...

  16. get better soon! you're the handsomest cat i know!

  17. gud noos, my brother. gud an welkum noos. thnx fur lettin us noe so kwik.

    i lyke our watrr, drink it strate up outta the bloo-n-whyt bowl.
    mebbe itz sumpn to do wit the pipes or the supply on the mainland. mebbe wen Mine's morr hrrself agen, i can send ya sum.


  18. Hey, hermano! I am so happy to hear you are doing better. Sound like the Wooman has figured out a good way to feed you with water in the pelleds (Evo makes pelleds, too) and the chicken soup (additional yummy liquid). Stress seems to hit us kitties particularly hard and most always in the kidneys and bladder.

    Years ago, before I was born, our human purchased a book called "Four Paws, Five Directions," by Cheryl Schwartz, DVM, who is a veterinarian and a TCM practitioner for animals. Our human says it is a "must have" for pet caregivers. We have a regular vet and an acupuncturist/TCM practitioner who work together to treat us, and we feel very fortunate to have found them. (The acupuncturist also treats humans, so we allow our humans to be treated by her, too.)

    I hope you find a wonderful, caring, regular vet very soon. Emergency vets can be good, but they are very expensive!

  19. if i may speak for miss zipper (pictured here), she recommends biting every human you encounter at the vet's. for good measure, beat up the german shepard when you get home. if you don't have a GS at home, beat one up en route.

  20. Hola! Good to know you are on the mend, hermano.
    Getting a bit cheeky, too, which is good.
    You think a sporran is a kind of dress? It's more like a kind of purse where Scottish men keep their money.Oh yeah...we are demanding youghurt, too. It is, as you would say, berber good.

  21. Don Estorbo, so glad you are well enough to be thinking about "climneen' trees in Bermon' ". I am taking my gato, Henry, to the vet tomorrow for a recheck on, get this, his seasonal skin allergies! Check out my posting tonight for a peek at Henry. Poor thing, he has no idea where he's headed tomorrow...

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