blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: We are cheelleen'

Friday, October 31, 2008

We are cheelleen'


  1. Estimado Don Estorbo:

    It is Halloween, and you're dressed for the occasion. However, considering how you've been compared to a Thanksgiving turkey, we would recommend you be very wary in the coming holiday season. :)

    We want to thank you for the Chicken story. It greatly amused our Human.

    Are you still hunting the Bandito? Perhaps we can convince you to hire some New York City Rats to kill the bandito for you...

  2. Estorbo, have you been fooling me? I thought you were this big, bad, black, mafia-type cat, but here you look like you are actually enjoying the cuddling. You look so soft and cuddly I can't believe it is you. Maybe you're doing under cover work.

  3. Yep, laid-back is sometimes the best.

  4. Samhain greetings, Estorbo! You and the Wooman look ready for a chiller of a Hallowe'en night. Hope you are well-treated!

    My human read the chicken story to me (I really know how to read, but I let her think I don't ... more quality time, you know how that is). Very funny! But what are those big green soccer ball looking things? And is this Red Hook the same town as in the H. P. Lovecraft story? Wow. That's a scary one to read on Hallowe'en...


  5. hey Es, are you werrin a kitten costoom? i doan meen no ofence, but ya look unyoozhally . . . pateet.


  6. Neko y Marzpan: Yes, the cheeckens. More lighe boltures.

    The bandido - yes, steell honteen'. He ees crafty. Maybe I need a posse.

    ChreesJ: Onder cober, si.

    MIT: I toogh a cheel peell.

    Ikaika: I mos' google the story. Doan' know, man.

    Hallow een: I can shreenk ad weell. Actually, the wooman ees forgheen' enormous. Also, sormtimes she call' me Keeden, an then I feel so small I shreenk emeediadely.

  7. Estorbo, you will have to tell your wooman to stop comparing you to a turkey. First, no feathers, second, turkeys, like pigeons are very stoopid unlike cats. Also, as this picture shows, you are one seriously handsome cat.

    Ain't nothin' handsome about a turkey, not nohow.