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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Letter frarm Cape Town Kehdi

deer don esboi, this is mee the small bleckfootedefricancat.

i am feeling mush bettah. i went to my doc men this week end he gave mee an injecshun, put stuff in mi eyes and gave me a peddicure. he showed my mom wun of mi claws. it was verrrry long end bent over end lukked like a hoek end he sed it was stikking into mi fut. if he hed asked me i culd hav told him thet. mi mom is sumtimes stupid b ut i no thet she tride to cut them end i bit. he did mi bruther too end we are both verrrry heppy end mi mom ses she is "devastated" watever thet is.

today i went outside end i went scratchascratchascratch on the dor met like yu do end i felt good. mimom told him thet she dusnt give me hart pills enny mor becos they taste bed end i wont eet mi food end my doc men sed thet is ok end told her she is a sensibble pet owner. but wat do u think about the claws? in the gaaden ther is a cukcukcuk berd end mi mom is verrry heppy becos ther artoo end maybe they will make a house but she is wurried thet they will eet her robins.

i hev to stop now becos she ses she must cleen up the kittchin end then make more mess to cuk

lots of purrrrrs end luv don es etc etc etc (i lernt thet end it is useful)

Kehdi Villon xxx


  1. Mees Kedi I know the Wooman tried to cort your claws once an' you wen' crazee. Do lighe me: roll ober, relaghs, preten' yo are at a spa. Northeen' bad happens.

  2. Dear Miss Khedi,

    May I say that you are the most beautiful bleckfootedefricancat I have ever seen! Wow! Also, I can sympathize about the nail problem. I have a claw on one of my hind paws that does that twisty thing, and I hate to have my claws clipped. It takes both humans to accomplish that feat.

    I hope you continue to be well, Miss Khedi, and that you don't have to go back to the v-e-t for a long time.

    Your admirer,


    P.S. Thanks, Estorbo, for sharing Khedi's letter and lovely picture. *Sigh* I think I'll go stare at it some more.

  3. Dear Miss Kehdi,

    I do apologize for misspelling your name in my previous post. Very careless of me!! I guess I was blinded by your beauty and paid no attention to spelling ...


  4. Your friend the small bleckfootedefricancad is so beautiful. Her eyes are almost mesmerizing. Do you see how they are almost as big as her face? NO-ONE could resist giving her feeesh!

  5. P.S. Bailey the Snowshoe has to have a special piece of carpet to scratch on in the den because he is one cat that likes to scratch on the floor and the new carpet in the den was suffering. He has a scratching post but he ignores it. He also has some flat scratch boxes but he ignores them too. But one of his rights as a cat is to do what he wants when he wants to. I know you agree, Estorbo.

  6. Ag shame man! And what a lovely shoulder. ;-)

  7. Ms. Kedi:

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    -Neko & Marzipan, CATtorneys at Law