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Sunday, October 5, 2008


The Wooman wen' to the Atlanteec' Anteec. Por lighe, 10 meenutes. She no lighe crowds. She was lookeen' por lamb. She deedn't fine' eed.

She foun': feesh.

Nard yos feesh, my feline frien's: sardines.

She bord two, an' broughd them back to the casa. I was asleep. I mean, eed was 2.45 pm?

Then I smelled sormtheen'...

No. I yam strarng. I doan' eben need to loogh ad these feesh.

OK! Ok! I need to loogh ad the feesh! Why are you tagheen' my peecture?

Ged a libe! Pay attention to me: you know I need permission to ead your feesh!!

Oh my gard. Dios mio. I hab nard had fresh-greelled sardines seence yos before I had to leab Leesbon.



  1. Congratulations, 'Storbie.

    You prefer cooked fish to raw fish?

    How much do you love the Wooman? She's nice to you.

    We caught a mouse the other day. We named it "Raccoon," and then killed the little bugger.

    N y M, Esq.

  2. Our Woman is back home and promises a big treat tonight.And she says when her computer is fixed (she also said a lot of other words about it!)she will read all your posts.

  3. lisboa... always wantid ta go there. Mine had some frens from brasil -- i noe, i noe, its a diffrint place, almos the same talk, tho -- and made a stab at lernin some port yu geese. she remembers one word -- abacaxi. we'll never be hungry in brasil, [or mabbe jus she wont].

    ya'r a long way from home, Es. anit sounds like a ruf trip. ya wuz lucky to find the wooman. howdya manij it?[i can see how ya found the sardines, i prefer brrds myself, but that duz look mity tasty.]


  4. Those look like some mighty tasty sardines ... way to go! The Wooman seems like a very good day hunter. I just had chicken today -- raw. I couldn't wait for the human to cook it.


  5. Storbie, if I'd been there, you and I would have fought for those sardines!

  6. Cattorneys...raw....feesh? You are Japanese cads? Raw feesh. Led me theenk.The Wooman eads raw feesh. Bod..I doan' theenk...I hab nebber eaden raw feesh!!! My libe ees a gapeen' boid!!!!

    Downonder Keeddees: whad was tread?

    Hallow een - I yam nard permeetted to torch those weeth feathhairs. The Wooman ees usually quide reasonable (I use the word een eeds mose' broad sense), bod yos led me chase a marckeen'bord or cardeenal an' she throw the keetcheen seenk ad me.

    Ikaika - raw cheecken, raw feesh.
    How the order halb leebs.

    Beence. Si, lo se. Bod do you hab claws? I doan' theeeeenk so!

  7. me to, outside brrds get Mine all beside herself. i had a mornin dov once and wantid ta bring it inside. Mine got all frantik and acchuly hit me. she'd never dun that befor. dint hrrt me, but i was so surprised i dropped the brrd, which flu off. damn.

    but those inside, from the table brrds. those are deelishus. seems
    funny, the diffrence. chikhen, trrkee okay to eat, sumpn you got yourself cuzes a hubbaboo. its a mistree, Es. a mistree.


  8. The treat was ...FISH! They had fish which she cooked in the oven, with Moroccan spice and olive oil and we all had some. We spent a looong time washing our whiskers!(Today, she will bring us chicken necks, raw, because they are good for our teeth.)

  9. Mmmm! Estorbo! Eet looghs deleeshus!
    I lorb grilled feeesh! You loogh a leetle lighe you droolin.

  10. P. S. I lighe to call you Estorbo, eet ees more deegnivied for beeg (espeshally beeg!)blagh Domeenican cad.

  11. Senor Estorbo, those sardines look delicious! And you are so amazingly polite, sitting there next to the plate...we would have hooked one of those babies with a claw and been under the table chewing its head off before She could have blinked an eye!

    By the way, we wish to report that we talked her into buying half a pound of swordfish this week. She'll cook it on the grill, and then we'll let her have some of it before it cools off to the temperature that we like...

    Your admiring friends Louie, Sylvie, Fuzzy, and Gingy

  12. Hallow een, you are a fonny cad, man...Si, ees a meesthairee. Weemen. An' I forghard a cheecken was a bord. Your Wooman HEET you? Mine beats me regular.

    Rosty, Geighair an' Sporran: feesh weeth spices??? You shared? Yoomans an' cads? Raw cheecken neghs? Sigh. Are you fossy cads? I mean, do you always ead whad ees een fron' ob you? I lorf my pelleds. The Wooman say' eed ees because I hab no choice. I say becos they are como cragh por cads!

    Now she ees also geebeen' me TUNA een water for deenner. Why? Becos ob my cyber friens'! Muchas gracias!

    ChreesJ - gracias por recargnizeen' my deegneety. The Wooman calls me Storbee, Storrieborree, Eedeeot, Peegfadpeeg, Beegblagmouse, Beegblagtorkey, Storbito, Keeddee, Sweedkeeddee, Storbodamneet, Pendejo, Cad, ...almose' eberytheen' ESSEPD my name!

    Queeltcad's...Cads? OK: I yam nard polide. I yam afraid. The Wooman ees dangerous.