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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Once Upon a Time in the new Midwest

aka Red Hook, Brooklyn:

Hank: Put wiggle in it, Mildred, let's see what these two humans behind the wire want.

Mildred: Hank, I was just about to lay an egg in that nice little inner tube back there...But you know best, dear.

Blackie: You tell that cat, Mildred! "Kiss her tailfeathers, Felix!" Go on, git!

Felix: Freeckeen' yomped up peegeons. Where do they think they are? The Meedwest? Thees soil is full of lead, ladies. You're een Brookleen, hellooooo? An' I lighe my chicken fried.

Hank: That's a chicken bone Mildred. Don't! ...Where's Blackie?
Blackie: I'm right behind you folks...
Felix II: Heeere, cheecky cheeecky.
Mildred: Hm...Where were we going again, dear?
Hank: Mmmhmmmmmm...Yum cockroach legs, hm mmmmmpeck.

Felix III: Hey, Felix?!
Felix II: Yes, Felix?
Felix III: Call that mamacita ober here.
Felix II: I already deed. She's cormeen'...

Felix II: SWIPE! Sheet! Meessed!!!
Blackie: la-la-la-laaaa
Mildred: Huh?
Hank: Doh!
Felix II: Forgheen' cheeckens. Why are they so beeg? They are carntameenaded mutants. Go sweem een the Gowanus!

Felix II: Eberytheen' corms to he who stands an' waids. Or sormtheen'...I swear thees cheeckens are Repobleecans.
Hank: Blackie, where's Mildred?
Blackie: Your guess is as good as mine, Hank, dear.

Hank: where were we going again?


  1. Hilarious! I hope someone will ID the green tanks...

  2. I'm going to Kaaui for Thanksgiving and they have a WHOLE LOT of cheekens over there. They all got blown out of their coops in Hurricane Iniki and that was years ago. I will bring you back a whole blogful of chicken pictures. They run around everywhere like sparrows -- only they don't fly unless someone is chasing them.

  3. Carntaminaded, huh? I think you may be right. Don't eat it, my friend.Stick to (very expensive!) sardines...

    And, yes, the fur is growing. Slowly.I put a little olive oil on the scar;it's good to keep it soft.

  4. Beence -you fry cheeckens een the tanks.

    ChreeJ - weell you ead wile' cheecken por Thanksgeebeen? Can I corm weeth you? Who weell feed Bailey?

    MIT - oleeb oil. Yom. The sardinas are nard so esspenseeb. Spaneesh ones para $3, Portuguese more. Only for beeg tread. Pelleds, dayeen', etc etc etc

  5. Great captcha, Don Estorbo, your accent is confusing but I got it... ;-)

    Darn, it didn't work... ;-)

  6. By the way, I was going to say, positive ID on the green things: they are Martian light bulbs.