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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I got mail!

Frarm Cape Town...frarm H-h-huwi an' Trebor.

Guinea fowl feath-hairs.


I yam dronk...

I yam happy.

Muchas gracias, hermanos! - an' also to your own Wooman, who ees flyeen' south to leab weeth the sheep, the mountains an' the opossums...x


  1. Estorbo, dude! I am so jealous! I love feathers ... I have some feathers, but they're not those beautiful spotted ones from Cape Town. Well, I guess all I gotta say is "Enjoy!"


    P.S. Have you heard from the beautiful Miss Kehdi again? I really like her!

  2. party on, my brother.

  3. You got feathers Estorbo! Never mind mail. I will now have to go out and pick up the feathers I have in my yard from the mourning doves. Bailey is getting jealous. We started out in the spring with two mourning doves. Now we have six!! I wonder how that happened.

  4. hey, bro, ya bin ovrr to the gingrr's lately? they got some wild inflooence ovrr them d.a.r.g.s they got in the howse.
    check it out. wen ya come up fer air.

  5. Play on hermano, play on. Lenniean'sollie have asked me to tell you they are happy their brothers sent you such a lovely pressie and now are sitting glued to the letter box in hope of receiving same or similar. Thank you for the timely reminder re the blog - you are a very good mentor! Blog post is up.

  6. Wow those are some COOL feathers. I have a toy with feathers on the end, but they are no where near as cool as yours.
    ~King Henry The First

  7. O Handsome one, you have been nominated for an award by me. I apologise that the award cannot be eaten or slept on.

    Still, you have feathers and you are already very beautiful so your dish runneth over. Tho' sadly it do not runneth over to you when it is full.