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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seeck cable

The WOOMAN'S carmpudhair ees nard carneghdeen' to the Eenterned becauseTime Warner ees makeen' kaka weeth the cable.

Arn Satorday a MAN weell carm to feex eed. I weel hide behine' the fileen' cabineds.

And then...

I. Weell. Be. Bag.

Pee Ess. I was glad ot see hor. I porred como un locomoteeb. An' I slepd arn top ob hor.


  1. good for you, esteemed Don. That'll teach her to go away for so long.

    I hope she remembered your leest.

  2. Hiding behind the filling cabinet is indeed the safest course of action against the cable guy. May I also suggest burying yourself in your litter tray or going to hang out with the cicadas for a while?

  3. "An' I slepd arn top ob hor."

    Did she survive????????

  4. MC - forgheddaboudeed. My leest?: sneeff.

    Beence: een my leeder tray? You are deesgosteen' an' bad weeth hygiene. Eef thad ees whad you do when your cable guy beeseeds I woul' respeghdfully (yeah, right) as' thad you wipe your feed before you corm bag een thees house, OK? OK...

    Seegreed: Como?

    Whad do you mean. Essactly. No speaka Eengleesh so goo'...Essplain. Carefully.

  5. Oh, 'storbo! She forgot your leest???
    This is not good.And she was in a city of fabulous food, too!
    Still, she does love you.

  6. MIT - No I did not forget the cat's list. I explained to him that you cannot order presents. Presents do not come from a list. They come from the heart.

    He said, Que?

  7. marie..."Que???" is often what I hear from these rascals. And "pourquois pas?"
    It's good to have him back on-line.