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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

I couldn't stand eed no more: I feexed the cable myself. Eed's true!

Tonighd before the Wooman gabe me my deenner (pelleds: deleecious, nutreetious pelleds, dayeen, dayoud), I was walkeen' roun' and roun' een essitemend and my tail gard onder the cable for the cable barx - the leedle barx whad was dead. No lighds, no bleenk-bleenk green lighds. Muerte. Cable dead. Compudhair dead. An' I pulled the cable barx to the floor, BAM!

Estorbo! cries the Wooman, You hab broken the cable barx some more!

Como? I as'...eed was DEAD!

Pleease, I as', niceboice, to loogh ad eed?


She looghs ad eed arn the floor.

!!!!! She said.

The lighds! Green! Bleenk bleek bleenk!

An' thad, my friends. Ees all I hab to say. Onteel the neghs' pose'...

A meenute ob silence, pleease.


  1. and all without opposable thumbs. You are some kind of genius.

  2. good job Estorbo!! She owes you....

  3. Go broder!!! We love your fixing technique ...... welcome back1

  4. Oooops, that should have been a ! not a 1

  5. Opposable thumbs are like dogs. Who needs them, right 'Storbie? You oppose your tail and stuff falls into place...

  6. Oops, the last comment was mine, the woman's Blogger ID was still in my system...

  7. vince, you say the sweetest things. may "the woman's ID" be "in your system" forever

  8. Hmmm, that was weird. I knew I hadn't said that!

    Beence: Do you take vitamins for the id in your system :-) ?

    FYI, Estorbo-supporters: - the cable barx ees dead, I mean, the cable box is dead again.

    Poor cat. He did try. I even threw it off the table this morning myself to see if it might work again.

    He would do anything not to have to see the Cable Guy...

  9. Escuse me?? Wooman? You are een my blarg, and Beence ees een your blarg. Eed's geddeen' a leedle too cosy een here eef you know whad I mean? Ok? Some preebacy, pleease?

    Trebor and H-h-h-uwi. I foun' an order brorder. He doan' lighe Meester Boosh neither. He ees called Halloween. Poor cad.

    I use' to be called Meednighd. Then my personmaleety came to the front.

  10. Ha ha ha. Berbry foany. Yeah, I do take vitamins to get the French virus out of me but it keeps coming back... ;-)

  11. Estorbo,

    I have been lurking at your blog for a couple of months now, and I love it! I am bery, bery happy that the Wooman is back (sorry, Mr. Beence).

    Su amigo nuevo,

    (My name means "strong" in Hawaiian)

  12. P.S. I don't like Meester Boosh either...

  13. Buenos dias, Ikaika

    Are you a cad or a yooman?

    Pee Ess: Bomblebee - yes, she does owe me: beegtime!

  14. Sorry! I am a cat who must rely on my human to translate for me. Sometimes, she doesn't do such a good job ... know what I mean?