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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Cable Guy

[Blegh, thees tasdes lighe Meester Boosh!]

Baggroun' to Story:

Beence send por me weeth the Wooman, feathairs.

Eenstead ob feesh.



!, !!!! ----?????????

So today, afthair the Wooman eenseested thad the Cable Guy mos' steell carm, an' I fled the house screameen' FIRE!FIRE!FIRE! Ron por your libe, and she yos wen' keeddee, keeddee, keeddee, doan' worree, eed's yos the cable guy, an' I screeamed, Yes, I KNOW eed's the Cable Guy, thad's my poin', Ron! Ron! - sabe yourselb, he weell born the plaze down, and she kepd talkeen' to the Cable Guy an' I yam screameen' frarm the terrace an' tryeen to sabe hor LIBE, and they loogh ad me, and the Cable Guy says, weell he yomp frarm the roop?, and I say YES!!! I weell yomp frarm the roop eef I mos', bod I mos sabe the Wooman fors': Gedoudobmy haaaaaaaooooooouuuuuuuuuuuse YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


He lefd. The freeckeen' cable ees workeen' permanent now.

Then I needed stress reliep:

So the Wooman gabe me the feathairs again frarm Bancouber to chew.

I keelled them. They are dead. There was no bord eenside them. Yos' straw.

I yam so...



  1. Well, you are a wuss, but a hilarious one. And then you go chase raccoons off the roof. You've got your priorities screwed up, 'Storbie!

  2. Nice colour combo. Makes you look like a tiger.(Meester B. should be very, very afraid/)