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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Resolt ob the Poll

Demarcrassy says thad I shoul' trab the raccoon and free heem.

Bod as our country ob domicile demonstrades, demarcrassy ees a failed espereemen' an' so I say, the resolt ob the poll weell be deesregarded!

The raccoon stays! I stay!

Libe goes arn.

Dayeen. Dayoud.


  1. Ola, Estorbo ...

    You do realize, of course, that raccoons EAT FEESH ... Si, verdad!

    And I think you would have looked ber' bery nice in that forry had!

    Su amigo,


  2. Estorbo, I think that coon had better look out! My beautiful, gentle, but large snowshoe cat bit me yesterday for the first time ever! Well, I did step on his tail -- poor boy. I'm glad it wasn't you, I think you would have keeelled me!!! As it is I have two large fang puncture marks and have to go on a week of antibiotics. I think Bailey got his revenge! I hate antibiotics, I feel sick all the time! Go to if you want to see what damage Bailey did. And if he did all that, think what you might have done!!!

  3. Ikaika - eed's a secred. I'm steell honteen' thad forry rad.

    ChreesJ! Snow. Shoe. Cad. Whad ees thees? I weell go and loogh. Sorm times I heet the Wooman eef she stroghe me too moch, bod nebber I beed hor hard. Yed. Welleen'ton, the Maine Coon een the Wooman's parents' house, beed the Wooman's farther's han' righ' through the nail, an' eed swelled orp como un football. Nobardy lighe thad cad cad. They call heem, Thad Cad. Also he eads bords. Why yam I telleen' you thees? - he mos ged hees own blarg!

    Ead yoghurt weeth honey to help weeth the seeck frarm the antibiotics...Bad Snow shoe! He woul' loog fine weethoud a tail!