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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Honteen' een my terreetoree

Thees ees my terrace by day. Clottered weeth las plantas. An' small. Beryberysmall.

Bod thees ees my roop ad nighd. Weeth the WOOMAN shining brighlighd an' shoween' my prey, Hello! Blag cad ober here! Blag cad arn the loose! Ron, Ron por your libes!


Bod my roop ees beeg an' I ron ober all the neighboureen' roops, too, honteen' por the deleecious snags.

Las' nighd I caught the bes' one: ees lighe...wasabi peas por yoomans:


I toogh eed bag home por the Wooman to see an' when she hord me maghe fullmouth noise Yrrmrmrhrrmmroomh, she ron to the door an' slam eed een my faze!

The she toog a lard ob bad peectures.' Meestser Boosh? I hab a cicadaaa, you doan' hab a cicadaaaa! I hab a cicadaaaa, you doan' hab a cicadaaa!

You loogh lighe a cicadaa, I yam gonna cadge you! You loogh lighe a cicadaaaa! Bod yos nard so preedy, as a cicadaa, wheech ees bery gree-een, you are bery...brow-ow-n, an' I woul' nard eead you, becos you weell tasde bad, bod I'm gonna cadge you...!


The Wooman yos slabbed me.


  1. You look like Bagheera in the jungle, there, 'Storbie...

  2. Yeah, I mean, Si! I YAM Bagheera! He ees my hero!

  3. Except that in some foreign-language adaptations, he is a she. ;-)

  4. SHE?????

    Bagheera ees a MAN! He ees MACHO!

    Are they crazee?