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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biker keetten

Thees peecture corms frarm the Nuevo York Times and here ees the slideshow. Mos' of the store is aboud d.a.r.g.s. bod sormetime' eben d.a.r.g.s. need help.

You can read the whole arteecle here.

Pee ess: I ade a cicada por breakfase. Whad deed you ead??


  1. Awesome, and I mean AWESOME photograph and great slide show. (Marie can you send me that photo?)
    I mean the perfect lighting, the tattooed arms, and the trust in the kitty's eyes... wow.

    I had croissant and coffee Bobo. Try and beat that.

  2. Fish!
    signed:G & S

  3. Sigrid - hi, this the Wooman: you can open the slideshow in the NYTimes and then right click on the pic to save.

  4. We are reading you in Australia and, yes, we have fish. Fish swim all around this country.We had fish for breakfast.
    Geiger & Sporran (the ginger one had fish too.)