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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pose' borthday analeesees:

Three kine's yoghurt: Nomber One ees Chobani "Greek" yoghurt, made in USA. Eed ees kaka. I no ead. No eben tasde. I refuse. So the Wooman ead eed. She say eed OK.

Bod Nomber Two: Total Fage Yogurt made in GREECE: Delicioso! Muy rico. I ead eed and scrape the bardam ob the bowl an' ged my wheeskers een a mess. I led you know abou' Nomber Three tomorrow.

The bes' presen' was the new streeng weeth brown paper mouse. I keelled eed good.

Oh, also the Keeedde Leeder? Nice an' fresh an' cronchy.

Tonighd also I weell try the mango. I lorf mango.


  1. "Storbie, you should have a food blog. You could comment on your crunchy... snacks...

  2. Yeah, an' you weell be my tesd guinea peeg.

  3. EES THAD A FEESH neghzd to your face???

  4. Indeed. But THAT fish, and his species, are sacred. NOT to be eaten. The reefs depend on their presence. Sorry.