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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sonday, blordy Sonday

Eed started arf good: the Wooman bought deefferent meelk: no more no-fat kaka. Thees ees fullfat wholemeelk frarm Ronniebrook Farm. Hey: bot ees eet organeec???? Hold arn! No! I yos read the label. No nartheen' abou' organeec. Yos "all natural", wheech ees horsesheet. I yam so carnfuse: weell I die? More reasairch ees needed!

Then I when bag to bed. So tired.

Hey: whad do you wan'? No, seriously, I yam sleepeen'. Taghe eed oud ob my faze.

I can steell see you. See my preeckers een my paws? Watch oud, Wooman, or I geeb you fazeleeft.

I yam nard keeddeen'...

Bag a-way farm the paw. I weel maghe you cry.

What? My feed are beeg? Loogh who's talkeen'! Who yos bought two pairs Size 11 I.t.a.l.i.a.n. boods??? You coul' ski arn those theen's.

I hab beeg bones. I yam a hontair.

BTW: you bedhair taghe a lard ob moolah to Canada becos my leest ees nearlee feeneesh'. OK?



  1. If your Wooman goes to Canada she could bring you moose meat and salmon (that's the best kind of fish, but she must go to the coast for it.Tell her.)

    By the way, how did you get to NY from Dominica?

  2. MOOSE meat???? What ees moose?

    Salmon, si, I know abou' salmon. Eed ees nombers 1-6 arn leest.

    I sweem preedy good. Fidel tole' me I had to leab the Caribbean an' when Fidel tells you to go, you go.

  3. Moose is like a very big cow.Very,very big.It has very big things that stick out like dinner plates-with-hooks on its head.And skinny legs, so tell the wooman to bring meat from the top side, OK? \

    Yes, I think if Fidel told me to go, I would go!

  4. Hope you haven't drunk all that wine -- or is it a Margarita -- I'm not well-versed in such things. But you've got to be fit in order to eat all that feesh she will be bringing.

  5. ChreesJ: I hab headache...ow.

    I presume you wor refaireen' to prebioos pose'' they say I ham a leetle teedly?

    Ees nard margarita! Ees Kir Royale, kind ob:

    Kir is whide whine weeth Cassees(made frarm blag corrants een South ob France), an Kir Royale ees weeth cheese. No. I mean, ow, Kir Royale ees Champagne weeth Cassees: ees more fancy.

    BOD! Thees ees proshecco, hic! wheech ees Eetalian sparkleen' whine weeth called Kir Italiano?