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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Am I cude?


  1. you are definitely cude... and cute and velvety soft and clever and can see I am smitten......

  2. You are the cudest!

  3. Still trying to figure out how the photo was taken...

  4. OK, you are cute. We are cute. You know any cats that are NOT cute?
    Your woman is nearly as smart as you. Ours is not.
    Geiger & Sporran

  5. Bomblebee - OK, gread, you lorf me. Send feesh?

    Preetha - Muchas gracias.

    Wheecky wuuu...que? Thank you berbery moch.

    Beence: Eemageen I yam between the Wooman's legs. NARD. LIGHE. THAD! Thad ees seeck??? NO! She ees standeen', OK? I yam seetteen' between your feed, OK? Now, she bend ober (...) an'peeck orp my fron' legs, OK, so I loogh orp ad you all cude, now you grab the camera?

    The Wooman fleeped the peecture. Lader I pose' eed righd side orp. She ees a Fool.

    Geiger an' Sporran: Hola

  6. Olá Marie, lindo blog e teu terraço é lindo.
    Teu gato é bonito, aqui na foto ele se parece com uma pantera.

  7. Hola Hermano muy Lindo. Yup you are cute and so are we : We are famileee; we are famileee da da da DAAA.

  8. Ola Ray - muito obrigado!

    Lennie an' Sollie - we are the cudest. Blag cads rule. OK!
    hey: does thees mean you are Dommeeneecan too?

  9. No not Dominican rather Castillian. That is why Senor Lennie Corazon de Leon speaks espanol with a thuth here and a thuth there. Por ejemplo: Donde estan mis zapattos? is spoken by Lennie as : Donde estan mis THApattos? He says it is pure breeding but to most of us it sounds thilly. xx ps Flora liked the men with tatoos saving dogs and we liked the kitten. Muchas Gracias Dominicano.

  10. Wow, I didn't know Castillian cats wore shoes. Ethtupendo! ;-)

  11. Lennie an' Thollie: reeally???

    The darg weeth a blarg: when ees the blarg ready? Are you sure the darg can read and wride?

    Beence: hehehehee.

  12. Flora and I are laughing (until tears rolled down our cheeks) Senor Lennie is thulking tee hee.... Watch it Estorbo - Beence is catching up with you on the wit and wisdom front. Flora says her blog is building and please where are your photos? She must have a photo of her mentor. She's not sure about reading and writing but she can jump and she can meditate. Is it enough for a blog?