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Friday, August 8, 2008

Meester Boosh?:

Thees ees por djou.

[Snabshart ob a poleeteecal cad by Thees Man]


  1. Oh 'Storbie, you're such an activist!

  2. Si, I am fighdeen' ad the barricades...

    Geeb os feesh! Geeb os feesh! Geeb os feesh!

    Seriously, whard a marnkey.
    Wors', moch wors': people voded por the marnkey.

  3. Well, hello! I've read your comments often at the Ginger Darlings' blog and I thought it time I stopped by.
    And how'bout this! You are like my two little rascals. Maybe they need to start a blog. Maybe they don't have time!
    We all like your gesture to Meester Boosh!

  4. Ola Don E - we are with you in tooth and claw. Grrrrr.

    Hey, even marnkeys have more brains.

  5. MIT: I yam sure your cads hab time. All I do ees blarg, sleep , ead, use my leeder tray, blarg, hont, sleep, ead, blarg...wash my years, ead,

    You ged the peecture.

    Hey Stripey Cads - how 'boud some more peectures ob you?