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Friday, December 21, 2007

other cets

my name is andre khamel. i was named after a french opposition attorni who worked on a case against my boss. my boss won. i live in constantia with my sista kehdi and white spook and wellington the maine coone (also known as that cat), with two small corgidogs and ben the big bleck barker. i am a heppi cet with no worries. my sista kehdi has worries. even though she is an asian tabbie like me she says she is a bleck footed efrican cet. she is jealous of the smalldogs who are new and cute. the boss and the big missus love the smalldogs. i love everybody. i am a noworri cet. i have a terrible voice that sounds like vultures.

i love prawns, man. i love them. here is the big missus letting me lick her prawn fingers. then i got two tails that i crunched up. yes, i sit on the table sometimes. you don't like it find another blog. estorbo says i can say anything here. actualli i am a polite cat and a pacifist. i am sorry if you don't like it.

but i will do it again.


  1. Hello Andre, you sound like you could be a rasta cat, too. No worries. It reminds me of a song, "No Woman no Cat."

  2. Hm, if I ever saw a cat that should be called l'arbal├Ęte, that's you!
    Beence can attempt to explain...

    I like your type of pacifism too. "I'm a pacifist and if you don't like it go lick yourself" lol. Very nice.

  3. Oh and Beence, there's also that gret "Cat buy me love" by the Beatles.

  4. Hm, Estorbo didn't tell me what to do if PEOPLE write to the blog. I am a rasta cat but without dreads, man.

  5. Khamel, it's easy, if people write to the blog, treat them kindly. It's not their fault. And they sometimes have fish. And prawns.