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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I need a res'...

The Canadian has been exercising me so moch I needed to dreenk some nice fresh Brookleen water een the bath thees morneen', eben tho' I ged a corp meexed weeth my pelleds (por to make-a me pee como a racehorse).

I escabed eento the sonshine wheech lasted two minutes, to warm myself een a part...

Then she broughd me eenside an' tried to coddle me.

Rape! Help! Talk to the Claw!

Beence...we meess you.


  1. It should be illegal to make me laugh at loud this early in the morning. Ya're killin me Man.

  2. Man! Si, I yam a Man. A Hombre!

  3. Hmm, at midnight, you don't sound like you've been exercising too much. Nor at 2:00 am, for that matter. Or at 4:00, and especially not at 6:00... ;-)

  4. Whad ees your poin'?????