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Sunday, November 18, 2007


I theenk weenter ees cormeen'. Please loogh ad leest ob theengs I hade arn sidebar. The slideen' door geds close' por the cole' air. I seet arn the daybed an' loogh cude, so the Wooman puts hor swairthair arn me. I loogh more cude. I yam yos cold. Een weenter she goes away por a larng time. She corms bag brown and smelleen' lighe order cads an' strange grasses. I weel leeb weeth Paulo who says his apar'men' hab rattones. So he wan' to me to maghe patrol an' scare them. Scare them. I weel ead them.
Pee Ess. Please FedEx your hairballs to me an' I forwar' to Pakeestan'. Gracias.
Pee Pee Ess. Sen' sardines to me.


  1. Here's a recipe to send along with your vengeance: pratsta bolognese, mouse tails with tomrato sauce and hairballs.

  2. Man ees deleecious!!!! I'm nard sendeen' heem goo' food!!!