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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What Cads are Sayeen'

Thees is me Estorbo frarm the Charbocks arn Courd Streed. I ordered a corp ob steamed meelk weeth notmeg an' am borroween' a labtarp. I had to loogh cude an' say Miaow? The wooman toogh hor labtarp to South Afreeca weeth hor so I yam depribed ob my only form ob communication weeth the world. My heets arn my blarg are goin' to go to sheed... Thanghs a lard.
Anyway, Beence, who ees a Hombre, has been more considerade an eben drew thees pathedeec' attemb ad displayeen' hees knowledge ob cads. Does he theenk he is fonny? Feesh? Dude, hab you been readeen' my blarg??? Do you KNOW the extend ob my bocabulary?
Si. I know he ees actuallee tryeen' to maghe the Wooman laugh. Ad my expense. Yos remember Boddee: I may hab the power een the future to maghe your libe oncomfortable, because you weel be storck weeth me.
Ok, The truth? Beence ees a preeedy good guy. Preedy good size, too. Lighe me. And he broughd me feesh. An' poolled streeng. An' made a Netflix rad por me.
Confession: I meess the Yoomans!


  1. Hey, the Yoomans miss you too! But calling my drawing attempt pathetic? Ha! Ungrateful cat!

    Well, it's ok, the idea wasn't mine any way - I stole it from a Far Side cartoon about dogs. Sorry Gary!

  2. Children!
    Man, they're not even family yet and they're already squabling!
    By the way, you do have a great bocabulary Bobo. Don't gibe up.

  3. Happy New Year to all the cats around, and especially you Don Estorbo! Feliz año nuevo, compadre!