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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cads from the Boland

The Patriot Streed Gang:

[Frarm Oncle Reg een Paarl:] Ginger, our street-wise traffic warden, Rube our somewhat "thick" cat and Rick, an inveterate bird watcher who takes his job to heart (stomach) by ensuring the survival of the fittest.

Muchachos, you geeb We Three Cads a Ron por their money... you shoul' star' your own winelan' blarg...

BTW Rube...eef you're nard the brighdes' you're the bes' lookeen'.

Pee Ess: por prorgress arn Mamacita checgh oud her lades' pose' an' YouTube bideo arn hor blarg...Hor ved's beells mos' be crazee.

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