blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Worn down, worn to go!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Worn down, worn to go!

Yes, folks! Yes! I weel leeb weeth Meester Sheffield een the Financial Deestreect por Worn Mornth, starteen' meed January.

Now do I hab any takehairs por the fors' mornth, starteen' meed Decembhair???

Four weeghs ob blag cad lorf, weet, weesdom an' meenksarft for to stroghe teel I porr. A readymade hartwater barttle an' feline councellor. Four weeghs, een short, weeth me!

Muchas gracias to the yooman ob Hallow-een por setteen' os orp.


  1. Everybody is probably wondering if you will bring all your favourite money with you to sleep on, Estorbo...

  2. Mine is wrrkin on the peepul at wrrk to see if thrr may be anothrr su -- that iz, takrr.

    go well, my brothrr. we may yet meet on the maynland


  3. Count your morney again, Estorbo; maybe you can buy my ticket and I will be your sitter?

  4. Beence - the Wooman has mislaid my $'s...

    Hallow een: hm. You wor nard goeen' to say.... sorckhair, wor you? Ob course nard. I loogh forward to meedeen' you arn he mainland. Como?

    MIT - theenk eed ees enorf por you to taghe freighd sheep? Ees OK?

  5. For you, I would go steerage. (The Man would look after R,G and S.)

  6. We have a small communication problem here...I was wondering what fried sheep have to do with anything and it didn't conjure up a very nice picture. Just give me time and my language skills will improve.

  7. MIT - gracias!

    Chrees J. FREID, nard FRIED. Freid sheep. Whad goes arn the wardhair. Ober the ocean? Ees deeffeerent frarm fried sheep. True.