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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More! More!

Notice the Wooman ees takeen' peectures. The camera ees leempeen' a leedle an' needs painkeellhairs, bod eed can still taghe peectures.


  1. 'Storbie:

    What exactly will $60 get you in NYC? I wouldn't imagine it goes very far there...

  2. Perhaps you can FedEx yourself to a catsitter for the time the Wooman is gone... :)

  3. All it would take is the air fare (ouch!) from Australia to NY and I would be your sitter and plant keeper.
    Something will turn up, I am sure.

  4. CATtorneys: you are righd. I am larst! Ruined. Habandonned! She mos' FedEx me now! The keeddees can teach me to shoot! I weel show them reeal peegeeons...sneeff.

    MIT: maybe I auction myself arn EBay?

    Heheh: captcha ees "pormi"