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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Self medeecation

The Wooman ees geebeen' me a headache: she ees selleen' me to the highes' beedhair. So I weell chew hor Japonese reebbon grass onteell the cares ob the world are bod a deem memory. Por dessert I weell eed whad ees lefd ob the cadneep arn the terrace. May an' June are bod a deestan' memory. Weenter ees cormeen'. Weenter ees uporn me.

Where ees she goeen'? When weell she corm bag? Why does she leab me?


  1. Hey, buddy, don't eat that grass, it'll make you sick...unless you wnat to throw up on the Wooman's carpet, just to show her how miserable you are?

    I'm sorry that you're feeling abandoned right now...we hate it when our Wooman goes away (we think of her as Meowmy, and we miss her terribly) but she always gets Sarah to come in twice a day to feed us and play with us. Sarah doesn't sleep with us, though, and Fuzzy and i both miss that...we do all have each other for company, which helps.

    We think your Wooman must have her own mysterious hooman needs that have to be met. I hope that she will find some decent person to bring you into their home (where you can run wild ...hee hee) until she gets back.

    best wishes,
    your friends,
    Louie (family spokescat), Fuzzy, Sylvie, and Gingy

  2. Hey, Estorbo ... hope the Wooman finds a good place for you to stay while she is gone. Maybe they will even have stuff you can self-medicate with. Or maybe even Netflix envelopes. The human was at Celia Haddon's cat website and found the following:

    "Some pet cats get compulsive about this part of the predatory sequence - tearing off feathers and skin bit and swallowing it all. Since ordinary cat food gives no chance of tearing and ripping, the cat looks for this somewhere else. They will tear and rip and then eat -- wool, cotton, paper, cardboard, wicker baskets, electric cables. Some cats go out and steal soft toys, bring them home and tear them - imitating the whole hunting sequence with teddy-bear prey!"

    So the human thought, "Maybe that's why Estorbo rips up Netflix envelopes!" I don't know why you do it, but if it makes you feel good to rip and self-medicate, I say have a ball!


  3. QC - The idea was to be seeck, an' I was :-)

    Ikaika: eenteresteen'...maybe true. My honteen' has been cortailed (tail como un darg??)by the weathair, so, I doan' know.