blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: No mas Halloween

Sunday, November 2, 2008

No mas Halloween

Aborve: Here I yam dressed as the keeng ob the Blagfeet.

My duties as leeader ob my peeple, eenbolbe a lard ob theenkeen', becos we hab a lard ob prarblems. Soon we mos' probide some infeedels weeth torkeys...

Also, I fine' thad power corrorpts...
The crown is bairdhair as a nice larng shiny theen' to chase.
Who said torkeys? Thees feathairs are makeen' me hongree!

I hope the peectures speak por themselves. How was your Halloween?
Below, I yam recorboreen' arn the terrace weeth my Sweess chard.


  1. Don Estorbo:

    Have you obtained the services of a NYC sewer rat to kill the bandito for you?

    Our human saw us actually occupy the same space without fighting today. He was impressed.

    Settle a bet--are Orange cats inherently possessed of a hot temperament?

  2. pardun me for buttin in, but saying red cats is hot temprred is the same as sayin black cats is shiftless but good dancers. it's just profilin bigotree. ida thot yer'd a herd sumpin bout that in yer law classes.

  3. CATtorneys: sewer rad - I nebber seen worn, I theenk ees carnspeeracy. There are actually no rads een NYC. As' me, I keep lookeen' por them! Bod we do know a yooman a beed como un sewer rad...Maybe he shoul' hont the bandido. Bod I digress.

    Red cats, I doan' know I nebber med worn. The Three Geenger Cads een Wales seem serene...for honters. The Wooman ees a Geenger an' has a temphair. An' I yam blag, lighe Halloween said, an' I dance preedy goo' por meelk. Bod I yam nard sheeftlees. Fors' I thought you said sheetless, Hallow-een an' I yam nard thad either. Onportunadely...

    CATtorneys, you shoul' beeseet Adan an' Lego to see brorders fighdeen' every day. Ees fonny.

  4. Ok, I think everybody is missing the point, here... You look positively king-esque in your crown and feather. (Except for picture #2, which still makes me crack up every time I look at it, and where you look rather... stone. Nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won.)

  5. StoneD, then. Good name for a cad. I deed nard eben hab any cadneep. So depresseen' bein' een charge.

    Who said thad???

    Pee Ess hallow een: I steell say you shoul' hab a blarg, brorder. You hab moch to say een a fonny way.

    CATtorneys, too.

  6. Hola! We like that silver crown!But we do not wear hats.We eschew hats. (Then chew them.)
    Estorbo, I hope you are going to vote?

  7. MIT - I yam illegal, I cannard bode. I yam a cad weethoud a boice.

  8. Es, 's okay to be sheetless -- who needs sheets when gots cashmeer blankits as one a yer yoonaversal rites?

    i doan hav a hankrring fer my own blog. i njoy the convrrsation prrt, but i doan noe as i'd hav all that much ta say on my own. an Mine helps so much with the typin, i doan liek ta impoze, spesshally just now as she's strrting a ritin [an that always makes her cranky -- serriusly cranky].

    aranj may be yer color, my brother. [them ribbands, i meen, not yer frr which is prrfekt as it is. [btw, Mine is a ginger, too -- altho, now that i think bout it, mebbe that eksplains somma the cranky . . .]]