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Friday, November 28, 2008

Dayeen dayoud

Hello Wooman.

Eed's OK por you to loog ad me weeth adoration, bod mos' you poin' thad theen' ad me? Eed cleecks. I hade cleecks.

Ees thad nard the same camera I toogh care ob a weegh or so ago? Een thees ber' same spart?

Eed ees...

Ah si, I see thad the shorthair woan' close so goo'. Weell you sen' eed to be feexed? No...Beence has boughd you a new camera weeth eemprobed macro feature?

I see [polideboice]. Thad's nice. Does thad mean you weell be takeen' peectures of the berbery small hairs eenside my nose een the near future?

I can' waid to maghe eeds acquaintance.

Remine' you ob sormtheen'?

Corm closer leedle gorl...Whad beeg eyes you gard.

Sheet. Meessed.

You're treemeen' my claws manana?
Whyporque? I was yos playeen'....
Corm yos a leedle closer...


  1. *snicker* closeups of your nose hairs...shazzamswot *ROTFLOFAO* (rolling on the floor laughing our furry asses off)

    Your friends,
    Louie & co.

  2. rusty, geiger and sporranNovember 28, 2008 at 10:29 PM

    We don't swing at the camera, but when She wants to take our picture we walk up ver-ry ver-ry close and she has to step back and turn the little wheel.Then we walk away.We are learning new words...