blank'/> The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana: Feesh?

Monday, November 10, 2008


I know you are cooking seekh botee tonighd, bod coul' we pleease hab thees patrani feesh eenstead?


  1. bro, ya gotta help me out wit this wun a littul morr -- she's cookin a sick body [iz that leegul?] an ya want pastrami fish insted? not that i blame ya, but i think i'm losin sumthin in the translayshun.


  2. Oh. I see the prarblem. I was yos readeen' wad the receepee said. Ees a book by Meess Charmaine Solomon an' the food was fram Eendeean section.

    Een short. She cooghed spicy lamb. I wanted steamed feesh een banana leaf, wheech ees page where my paw ees.


  3. 'Storbie:

    Perhaps a non-stop torrent of yowling meows and scratcha-scratcha on the curtains might get you some Feesh?

    If not, eat the lamb when she's not looking. We can defend you in the subsequent trial.

    You could also search the house for a NetFlix envelope...

  4. rusty,geiger and sporranNovember 12, 2008 at 4:38 AM

    OK, thankyou for the translation. We will tell our "wooman" to get the Charmaine book from the shelf.(But when Geiger jumps up there, she knocks down the Ada Boni book!)
    PS...the "wooman" says she buys salmon, so we all eat salmon. Sikh bodi can wait!

  5. Dude, thanks for the translation! we were thinking sick bodies or even Sikh bodies and pastrami, too. I hope you get to have some fish! although lamb is good (our Wooman doesn't usually cook mammals much anymore, more's the shame). She did make oven roasted cauliflower the other night and Fuzzy and Sylvie both gobbled some up (Gingy and i were horrified, of course. But those two do eat weird tings, man, including asparagus and green beans.)
    your friend,
    Louie, cat ambassador extraordinaire (i'm trying for a Cabinet post in the black cat's administration....)

  6. i wunndrrd about sikh too, but thot the wooman had enuf ishoos with immagrashun. . . [speshully since Es is the one wit the cattorneys, and they culdn't help the wooman. that'd be conflatid intrest, it sez so on the tv]


  7. Estorbo, you have a little pouty mouth -- and with those big soulful eyes how can she say no? That's the way Bailey looks when I get my car keys out.

    By the way, I'm glad we got a translator for that entry. I LOVE spicy lamb!

  8. Netflighs, si, I foun' eed, CATtorneys. Also the Renewal of the Lease and a lorb ledhair. They dead. I feel beddhair. She doan' gard no cortains. Bod she gard kilim!

    Hey Neko, you shood anybardy ladely? ^^

    R, G, S. The spicy lamb was deleecious, I lorb anytheen weeth chile. Maybe I pose' recipe.

    Queeltcad: mammals are deleecious man! As' me! No, ees true - I coul' maybe leeb arn mango an' kiwi an' papaya.

    Hallow een: Hola, muchacho...

    ChreesJ: whad are carkeys?

  9. Marzipan shot a few pigeons. Neko was disappointed to hear they were clay ones. No squab for dinner. :(

    --"Bod she gard kilim!"

    Huh? No entiendo...

    Was the Wooman able to read the love letter before you destroyed it?

  10. rusty,geiger and sporranNovember 13, 2008 at 5:27 PM

    Ooh, yes, please! We'd like that recipe (and Halloween's wooman has soup!)

  11. CAttorneys: kilim ees carpet! Nice por scratcha. Man..squab: deeleecious. Clay, so sad.

    RGSporran:I weel fine' recipe.