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Monday, November 17, 2008

Notice from the Wooman

Estorbo's cat-sitter arrangement for December through February fell through, and I am looking for someone who can either live-in with him, or someone to whose house he can move for two months. Remuneration negotiable and all supplies provided.

As well as lots of black cat love, backchat and unsolicited witticisms.

Possibly some of his kitty-friends have leads, and thanks to Halloween's yooman for her suggestion a while ago.

If anyone has any ideas please contact Estorbo directly or me at marieyviljoen(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you!


  1. See Estorbo? People will NOT pet-sit you if you break cameras! Or the Wooman will have to pay them a LOT more!
    I'd take you in a heartbeat if it weren't for logistics.

  2. Sneeff. Nobardy wants me!

    I deedn' mean eed! She was harasseen' me!

  3. Estorbo,
    I wish you could come stay at my house, but my hounds will think you are there for their hunting pleasure! Afterall, don't you look like a raccoon or a rabbit..sorta kinda?

    Hang in there, kid; someone will take you in...

  4. Meess houn': a raccoon. You theenk I loogh como the bandido? Man, I yam so depress'.

  5. Lola's eyesight isn't the best. She will think you are raccoon-like.

  6. I want you Bobito! Can you hitch-hike over?

  7. The tyranny of distance! You cannot come to me (6 months quarantine before they let you in here!)and I can't get to NY.
    Don't be too sad;I am sure someone will have a bright idea.(Maybe the people from Canon could use the opportunity to test the droppability of their new cameras?)

  8. We wish you could come stay here, even without your cat money!

  9. mmmm.... a well aimed hair ball is more effective than breaking the camera.

    Come to California! I will feed you lots of our local specialty: "feeeesh" tacos! meowyummy!

  10. Estorbo,

    We would take you in a heartbeat if we lived nearby. Who wouldn't want a beeg, blag cad for a houseguest?!! Maybe your local shelter or one of the groups that find homes for homeless kitties might have a list of people who foster kitties. One of those families might love to have you help them out with the foster kitties while the Wooman is on vacation. Just a thought...