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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Where are my dineros?

You toogh my morney away, Wooman...


I need eed.


You need these plans?

Bod they are where my morney was seetteen'...

These plans are eemportant? Porque?

I should ged orp?


You are draween' a garden? I doan' see no garden...

Maybe eef you geeb my morney bag I weel geeb you the plans?

Thad ees nard a nice way to speak to a cad.

I yam stayeen'.

You feegure eed oud.

Organize yourselb.


  1. Your white chest fur looks like a bib. :)

    Perhaps the money was taken to pay NetFlix fines for shredded envelopes.

    Would you like us to file a lawsuit against the Woman?

  2. shur hope the wooman dint 'barroh' yer coin ta fund a nu camrra . . .


  3. OH dear, I think the recession has hit you! Too bad you don't have enough for my ticket.

  4. CATtorneys, please file a beeg worn!- pain, sorfereen', the worghs.

    Forgheen' nedfleeghs.

    Hallow een , my frien', the Wooman has nard emerge' frarm the house por three days. Painteen' painteen' painteen' a stupid garden, eed ees dribeen me loco.
    She mos' steel ged new camera. Bod I theenk she deed sormtheen' bad weeth my dineros. She came bag frarm the market an' showed me paperpmoney. She said, Estorbo, thees ees eed. I said whad. She said your money. I said no eed eesn't. She said yes eed ees. I said are you bline'. She said shortsighded bod why ged personal?

    Sigh. My morney ees garn.

    MIT - whad ees recession? Maybe she steeck me arn slowboad to Ostralia?