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Thursday, December 3, 2009

I yam a cad!

I yam nard a Barbeedarl!!! Taghe arf the clothes!!! I yam seeck ob dem.




No, waid, I deedn' mean eed, Noooooo, nard the Onnattractreeb Grey Barx!?

I weell wear the clothes. They are byoodeeful: manly! I weell wear a blarnde weeg, anytheen'. Call me Barbee! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Cars. Trocks! Noise. Darkness. Rain. Lights. Why are you doeen' theese! I am peeing lighe a champion! I yam dreenkeen my agua, I hab no keedney prarblem, nooooooooooo.

Papa? Help me.

I feel naked.

I howl, I heess, I pand, I waid. The lady bed shave my forr arn my shouldhair. I yam terrify she ees goeen' to poghe me you know where. I maghe a scene.

She geeb me peels to taghe, cream to smeear. Whad. ebber.

She tell me: Keep weareen' the clothes.


Papa...I mean the Smoothman, buy new new besd. Made...por...d.a.r.g

Mediumsize darg.

I yam NARD a forgheen' darg, OK? OK.

Thees ees me.




  1. Oh my, what a handome cat! Estobito, you are muy guapo in red! And so festive...(hums)it's the holiday season....

  2. Oh, hermano, I'm so sorry you had to go to the v*e*t, but it's probably for the best. (The human was "squeee"-ing when she saw the picture of you and Papa Beence ... er, I mean Smoothman.) You look very handsome in the new besd (even though it's for mediumsize d*a*r*g*s). Red is definitely your color!


  3. Somehow you don't look like a freaked-out cat in that picture, sitting properly and giving Vince a look of utter trust...nice moment.
    And Bobo, you do look GORGEOUS in red... you should wear that vest just for looks!

  4. Hola, hermano! We understand.But we must agree with others that the red is, indeed, your colour.(A darg would look...effemine )[ask Beence to translate]

  5. Wow Estorbo! How handsome you look in your new vest.

  6. You big brave panther boy. Think of it this way, at least you're not wearing lacy knickers any more. Unless... you preferred them?

  7. Donatella - si, I yam hansome, gracias por the appreciation.

    Ikaika, hermano.I yam restreeghded.

    Seegreed. I lorf the Smoothman, I do. The Wooman deed nard taghe peectures when I was makeen' heesse and panta, she fell' too sorry.

    Dinahmow - muchas gracias. How ees Sporran?

    Porro! good to see you my frien'. Do they maghe you wear clothes, tambien?

    Karen - si.

    Blarg Preencess: kneeckhairs. I hab no idea whad you are talkeen' abou'.No idea. Nard one. My head ees empty.


  8. Sporran? Sporran is okay. Perhaps you mean Rusty? Rusty died.

  9. Storbee the Magnificent. Kamel is so jealous

  10. Thees ees a fantasdic post and a fantasteeec blarg. I yam een larv.

    You are muy especial cad!

  11. re: darg vesd - caliente! it's a good look por ju. i swear.

  12. "I yam NARD a forgheen' darg, OK? OK." I laughed until I cried.

  13. well hermano, these arr thuh things we put up with fer helth insurrense. Leastwazes, thatz whut Mine sez when she goze te hrr dayjob.

    the bedst makes ya luk lyke a calendur cad -- aint saying if thatz a gud thing in yur book, just saying.

    keep on keepin on, my brrthrr

  14. Oh dear, hermano, you certainly don't look like a happy camper! Bailey came home with a bad cough and cold. He is not too well and we are sitting on the edge -- do we take him to the vet or not? Taking him upsets him a lot and he is already not breathing too well. So we watch very carefully. But he is eating OK. I think we may have to change kennels, because this happened last year when we went away.
    Medical bulletin up coming.